(Free SaaS Resource) The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?

The 5 Parts of Every Business

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Do you remember the first time you had someone buy something from you?

For me it was when I convinced a bunch of bed & breakfast owners in Atlantic Canada to send me cash in the mail to have their property published online.

Still not sure if that was legal.

Suspect cash collection methods aside…

What they didn’t know is that I was a 17 year old kid with no formal “business.”

Just a laptop and a dream.

That moment triggered something inside of me… and really kicked off the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

It also got me thinking, what are the other aspects of business that I need to learn so that I can be “successful.”

What I teach in this week’s video are the 5 areas of business that every entrepreneur needs to master to be able to stay alive and thrive.

When you look at any business, software or other, they all work exactly the same way.

Sure, you can go crazy filling up your Amazon cart with books about the best way to do X, or Y, but if you spend the time to actually understand how the engine that is business works, you’ll be able to race around the track at top speeds.

One of the five areas I share is Product: what does it take to turn a sale into a raving fan?

Not a customer, client, or transaction – but a RAVING FAN.

Someone who will sing your praises with Adele-like passion.

Someone who will pick up the phone and tell someone in their close circle about your service.

Someone who will send you stacks of cash in the mail in the rare event that your shopify checkout breaks down. (kidding… sort of)

How do you measure that? As you dig in, you’ll learn about things like NPS scores.

Also known as The One Number You Need To Grow.

If you’re still looking to master the game of business, be sure to watch this week’s video to build the foundation…

then leave a comment with the best resource that you’ve found to teach you one of the 5 key areas I mention.

Remember, mastery is the goal. Not just good enough. World class.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?