Proactive vs. Reactive: 5 Success Principles To Get The Most Out of Life

Proactive vs. Reactive: 5 Success Principles To Get The Most Out of Life

You either live a proactive life (where you decided what you want out of it), or reactive (where you react to the world around you).

Unhappy people live reactively. They believe their life happens to them and they have no power to change that.

Successful entrepreneurs are highly proactive.

They create the world they want to live in.

Part of this success comes down to daily practices, life beliefs and taking action.

That’s why I want to share with you 5 “Success Principles” that I use to get the most out of life on a daily basis.

Things I do to be PROACTIVE in life.

Over the past few years I’ve felt absolutely blessed with some of the achievements I’ve accomplished:

  • Raised over $3M in funding.
  • Founded and exited the last 3 companies I’ve started.
  • Found the love of my life and had 2 amazing boys.
  • Got to spend time with Richard Branson, and even had Mark Cuban invest in my last company.
  • Invited to speak at multiple business schools, including Berkeley and Stanford.

Exclusive Bonus: Download a list of my Top 5 productivity hacks (for free!). These are the top “hacks” that help me focus on family AND business.

If you know my personal story…

… growing up in a super challenging environment, having gone to jail twice before the age of 17, you might understand why I feel totally lucky to have had any success whatsoever.

I still have to pinch myself to remind myself I’m not dreaming.

I only list these as proof that they’re all a bi-product of “habits” I’ve adopted throughout my life.

They aren’t because I was born with any advantages (if anything it was the opposite), or I was super smart (I hardly graduated high-school and never went to university).

And that’s what I’m sharing in this weeks video:

Here’s what I do to get the most out of life and business…

  1. Keeping Momentum
  2. Habits, To Avoid The Ups & Downs
  3. Simple, To Go Deep
  4. Strategy, (So You Can Say No)
  5. Enjoy The Journey

Over the years this list has changed and morphed, but these are the big things that guide my life today.

What are you top 5? What do you do everyday to create the world around you? What are you doing to be proactive?

Leave a comment below with your answer…. I read and reply to each one and would love to hear from you.

  • Jason Hamilton-Mascioli

    Love the pic! You really know how to surround yourself with other elite’s!

    • Dan Martell

      Jason, only be working at it for 10+ years …. overnight success, right? 🙂 … al started with the first few cold emails.


  • Derek Smith

    1. Put first things first
    2. Game plan, evaluate game plan in action and take time to “Sharpen the Saw”
    3. Surround yourself with winners and inspiration
    4. Focus on managing your energy, not your time
    5. Smile and make a memory

    • Dan Martell


      Love your list, thanks for leaving a comment!


  • Elisha Tan

    Love this! I don’t have a top 5, so I’m curious about how you figure out these top 5 for yourself. Also, how do you tell if a certain principle isn’t for you?

    • Dan Martell


      Great question… here’s my thoughts.

      1. I would try and answer… What are my habits that contribute to my success? What things do I do every day, week, month that have a positive impact on my life. That should help you answer that question.

      2. The best way is to find someone you admire and ask them… that way there’s a-least an alignment with goals and values… then you can try something, and if it works, keep doing it – if not – stop. That’s my approach.

      Hope that helps.


  • Rich

    Great post & video. I do like how you’re the closest to the “Exit” in the header picture 🙂 A sign?

    • Dan Martell


      You’re reading into it way too much. 🙂


      • Rich


  • vivekananthan

    Absolutely great Dan. I am starting out one habit today which is writing 100 words and most importantly great wisdom for me from this video is “Enjoy the journey” great wisdom. Thanks for the video Dan.

    • Dan Martell


      Such a great habit… I never considered myself a writer. Growing up I went to school in French but grew up in the English part of town, so I always struggled in writing.

      One day I decided to “blog”… and after nearly 8 years, I feel I’ve finally found my stride 🙂

      It all starts with a little action, over time, that creates amazing results.

      Excited for you.

      Thanks for the comment.


      • vivekananthan

        Absolutely amazing Dan, inspiring thanks Dan

  • climineda

    Dan Martell how did you know you use the good strategy and you are in the good way?

    • Dan Martell

      @climineda:disqus I talked to people who acheived the success that I wanted and asked them… also read a bunch of books on productivity and better ways to X.

      • climineda

        Okay thanks

  • Vinish Garg

    1. Love what I am doing because I am doing it by choice (regardless of fruits/results)
    2. keep pushing the envelop to explore new opportunities (relationships and network worth)

    3. Read at least 10 posts by influencers/readers, daily (including of Dan Martell)
    4. Get up early in morning, commit to good health
    5. Do not forget the above 4, ever!

    • Dan Martell

      @vinishgarg:disqus as much as I appreciate you reading my blog … you should add books to the list.

      Blog post are like fast food. Books are like wholesome food.

      I read books an hour a day, and blog 15 minutes (scan really).

      Books are where it’s at.

      Great list overall though!


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