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On January 8-9, 2016 I invited Martell Method members to join in a two day business retreat. Each person made their way to Moncton, NB, Canada (to my studio) and participated 110%! We were all asked to give a talk, and with permission we recorded and made them available below.

(Private & Confidential)

Martin Latulippe – The Art of the Emotional Testimonial

Martin Latulippe – The art of the emotional testimonial from Dan Martell

Link to Notes Contest on Facebook

Link to Contest to Pick Winner of Notes Contest

Jake Larsen – YouTube Marketing

Jake Larsen – You tube ads paying customers & clients from Dan Martell

Ameer Rosic – Automated Sales Funnels Using Webinars

Dan Martell – CEO Freedom

Dan Martell – CEO Freedom from Dan Martell

Miguel Hernandez – Demo Video Scripts and Strategic Giving

Miguel Hernandez – Writing a script for a demo (explainer) video from Dan Martell

Miguel Hernandez – Gmail domination from Dan Martell

Miguel Hernandez – Strategic giving from Dan Martell

Brad Hart – Building a Money Machine

Brad Hart – Building a money machine new preso from Dan Martell

Dave Ruel – 9 Word Email

Dave Ruel -The 9 Word Email from Dan Martell


Suggested Tools and Resources

Mailscope – Enrich your email list with real customer data (firstname, geo, etc) (Dan Martell)

LastPass – Manage passwords amongst team members (Dan Martell)

Briteverify.com – Cleans IP Address of your Email List (AmeerRosic)

Activecampaign Email CRM system (Cleaner and Easier than Confusion soft) (AmeerRosic)

Everwebinar – Automated Webinar program (AmeerRosic)

ClickFunnels –  Landing paging creator (AmeerRosic)

Perfect Audience – Universal Website Remarketing Tool

AdRoll – Remarketing and Performance Marketing (Dan Martell)

SamCart –  Checkout Pages That Convert (AmeerRosic)

LeadDigits – Get leads via text message (upgrade in LeadPages)

Edgar – The Social Media Queue That Never Runs Out (Miguel Hernandez)

Ruhlin Group – World Class Gift Giving / John Ruhlin john@ruhlingroup.com (Dan Martell)

Your Dream Team – The Marketing Trifecta – article with Venn Diagram on perfect team

Video Resources

Perfect Webinar by Russell Brunson (Dan Martell)

Webinar Email Funnel (Post Emails)  (Ameer R)

Growthhacking Library (300 hours of training by Ameer R)  

Ray Dalio How The Economic Machine Works  (Brad Hart)

Books Mentioned

Trading in the Zone ~ Mark Douglas

Money, Master the Game ~ Tony Robbins

DotComSecrets ~ Russell Brunson

Made to Stick ~ Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Traction – A startup guide to getting more customers ~  Justin Mares Gabriel Weinberg

The Hero’s Journey ~ Joseph Campbell

Work the System ~ Sam Carpenter

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right ~ Atul Gawande

Events We Should Attend

Baby Bath Water (Dan Martell)

Experts Academy by Brendon Burchard

The 10x Ambition Program  with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach (Martin Latulippe)

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) (Martin Latulippe)