Case Studies Here's just the few examples of the results our SaaS founders have achieved...  

David @ DealMachine

Learn how David Lecko (Co-Founder / CEO DealMachine) hesitated, but ultimately joined SaaS Academy and grew his business 3X.

Cole @ Local Line

Learn how Cole Jones (Founder / CEO of Local Line) grew his business after joining SaaS Academy.

Matt @ UpLaunch

Learn how Matt Verlaque (Co-Founder / CEO UpLaunch) switched gears after joining SaaS Academy and grew his business with lightning speed and avoid near failure.  

Brad @ Elevar

Learn how Brad Redding (Founder / CEO of Elevar) grew his business, got the customers, the team and the life he needs after joining SaaS Academy.

Noah @ Structure Studios

Learn how Noah Nehlich (Founder / President of StructureStudios) reached escape velocity to blast his business in space after joining SaaS Academy.  

Pawel @ Snap Projections

Learn how Pawel Brzeminski (Founder / CEO Snap Projections) found the right path after joining SaaS Academy and unleashed the power behind his business.

Some of our Coaching Clients

Some of our Coaching Clients

In the past 12 months, I've partnered with over 65 elite software Founders to scale, raise capital or exit their companies  

Here's what some of my partners had to say ... 

Tom Kelly Founder of Charity Auctions Today

I've been building my company for years and felt like growth was stuck and I kind of plateaued. I knew I had all the right pieces in place but wasn't sure how to prioritize and implement to get the results I wanted. 

Ever since working with Dan, my growth has skyrocketed. After our first coaching session alone, we found an opportunity to 2X our lead generation.  

I also love the 2-day events where we all get together to dedicate and focus ON the business. In the past 37 days since our last event, I've been able to implement strategies Dan has taught and increase our growth by 25%!  

Going from being a solo founder with a few support staff, to now having a real team and business has allowed me to build the confidence to create something global and world class. If you're a SaaS founder, you need to be coaching with Dan!

Rebecca Guthrie Founder & CEO of PreClose.com

We finally transitioning from Founder-led sales to Scaled-selling...and victory! 

Our sales rep closed her first deal ($18k ARR) within 2 weeks and I had ZERO involvement. It all started with the Offsite Planner™ to plan the quarter and then implementing the Precision Scorecard™. 

We set some aggressive goals (good, better, best), hired our first rep and began creating the Sales Playbook Program™. At the same time, our new director of marketing is promoting our first Winning Webinar™ and the leads started to come in and close, and best part is the webinar isn’t until next week! 

Our rep started 2 weeks ago, our director of marketing started a month ago and is using the Reactivation Emailer™ to warm up our database and cold outreach via LinkedIn to invite to the webinar. It’s working! 

Getting coached by Dan and being part of SaaS Academy is what made it all come together!

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