The Content Strategy That Converts: 5 Essential Steps for Generating Leads From Your Content

The Content Strategy That Converts: 5 Essential Steps for Generating Leads From Your Content

When I started Flowtown, a marketing Saas product I built in San Francisco, over a decade ago… there was one thing I knew we had to do right:

Content marketing.

So I built out this epic content strategy that grew to 350,000 unique views per month. What a difference that made! Then I did it all over again with… and again with my current coaching business.

After doing it so many times – from scratch – I’ve learned a lot about what to do… and what not to do. 

I see business owners getting this wrong all the time… They pump out content that just doesn’t work to drive sales, because the strategy is broken.

I want to fix that. So I’ve recorded a new episode to show you a whole new 5-step framework for getting the biggest results out of your content even when spending the least amount of time.

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It seems simple… but the best strategies are. That’s why they work! Just focus on these 5 steps to sharpen your content marketing game:

  1. Start with your ICP
  2. Five Frustrations
  3. Teach to Solve
  4. Offer a Bribe
  5. Write for You

I know marketers who repeat the phrase “Content is king” like it’s their mantra. It’s true, but it’s only painting half the picture.

Content is king because it builds brand awareness, provides value upfront, can rank in Google, gets shared online, and provides visitors an entry point to your business.

But just because content is king, that doesn’t mean it’s your solution. 

More than 75% of blog visitors leave and never return. Building an effective strategy is what keeps those visitors coming back for more and turns them into high-quality leads.

Once you have this strategy in place, then the content can convert. But without the strategy, you’re just providing free entertainment for the world.

You’ve got to cut through the noise.

Check out the latest episode, and don’t forget to drop a comment to let me know which of the 5 steps resonated with you most.


  • Reuben

    Great stuff, Dan. I find that people often get stuck wondering what people want to read, but it’s writer’s block, not lack of knowledge. They usually have that information in their heads from sales calls– what do people complain about? What do they want to do? What questions do they have?

  • Enrique Mendieta

    Hey Dann, greetings from Spain. How do I make a “call to action” when I need appointments in hospitals and clinics? Even if I make tecnology I need to make sales with Managers and CEOs, finacial directors etc. that only is posible in person for show my product and close deals (that also take a long time). My ICP is a oldfashion person. I’m running out of time and the only way to get the attention of those guys by coferences. Some advice about it? Thanks in advance

    • Dan Martell

      In every industry there’s early adopters… so create content that will attract them (not the old fashion person).

      Ask yourself what tools does someone who innovates in my ICP use (and only they would use)? Write about those / create checklist for them / etc?

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