5-Step Enterprise Sales Process: Learn How to Navigate Mammoth Deals Like a Pro

5-Step Enterprise Sales Process: Learn How to Navigate Mammoth Deals Like a Pro

I was 24 when I closed my first enterprise level SaaS deal.

I had recently started Spheric Technologies and decided to go straight to the heavy hitters.

We’re talking Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, American Express and Procter & Gamble.

(guess the JFDI ethos was alive and well)  😉

And while I had an amazing team of coaches and mentors around me (and an endless supply of Grade A boldness) to carry me through those early deals, they were FAR from smooth.

But over a decade (and tens of millions in enterprise deals under my belt) later, I’ve refined my process into a simple 5-step system for navigating and eventually closing a high value enterprise deal.

While the intrinsic complexities and long sales cycles still aren’t for the faint of heart, this week’s episode will show you the most effective strategy for bringing clarity to the sales process while cutting down on sales cycles and frustration.

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At a high level, the process comes down to:

  1. Get multi-threaded
  2. Virtual close
  3. Move metric
  4. Face to face
  5. Ask for a POC

While each step is absolutely critical, nothing matters unless you can peg your solution against your prospect’s “Move Metric”.

Meaning, even if you do everything else right, there’s no deal to be had unless the outcome your solution provides can be linked directly to a priority metric on your prospect’s strategic roadmap.

It’s your job to both UNCOVER that move metric as early on as possible — and continuously remind all stakeholders how your solution specifically moves that needle forward better than anything else they might be evaluating.

Once again, navigating  enterprise deals is an entirely different beast… but one that as a founder you NEED to be prepared to engage in when the right opp shows up.

Watch the full episode here and then drop me a comment letting me know your biggest challenges or concerns when it comes to locking down high value enterprise contracts.


  • Cory Josh Sivell

    Thanks for sharing this Dan ! Love the Virtual Close portion of it. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge 🙂 Question for you though. I know you teach us to create an ideal customer profile which i think is key but as you have multiple buyers in an enterprise deal are you still focusing on one target audience & then branching out from there OR do you have to have multiple ideal customers & you are hitting them from different angles. Would love to hear your thoughts

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Cory, great question.

      What I do is focus my content and sales to get the decision maker and work with them to sell that internally.

      Check out the MEDDIC approach to sales, would be most relevant for Enterprise.


      • Meddic Academy

        Thanks @danmartell:disqus for mentioning MEDDIC.
        @coryjoshsivell:disqus checkout https://meddic.academy and feel free to take the free course “Introduction to MEDDIC” under the courses menu.

        • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

          Super cool!

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