6 Powerful Follow-Up Emails To Transform Your Free Trial Conversion Rates

6 Powerful Follow-Up Emails To Transform Your Free Trial Conversion Rates

Nothing makes me facepalm harder than getting an email from a SaaS company with a subject line that says…

“Dan, your free trial is about to expire”

*grabs an ice pack for my aching forehead*

If you’re using email marketing as a notification tool (and not as a 24/7 salesperson who doesn’t take holidays or call in sick after a Black Mirror binge fest)…

… then you’re missing a huge opportunity to convert more trial users.

Worse… you’re asking your trial users to invest attention, while offering absolutely no value in return.

Not cool.

On the flipside, email automation can be the most effective and leveraged way to fix a lagging trial to paid rate.

If you’re not converting at least 10% of trial users, chances are you’re NOT sending the right emails — in the right order.

I shot this week’s episode to fix that.

Give it a watch to see the seven types of emails you absolutely NEED to be firing into your automation software to close more trial users.

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In the episode, I go deep into the specific details of how to nail each one, but at a high level, the seven emails you’ll be sending are:

  1. Welcome Email
  2. Training
  3. Case Study
  4. Tips and Tricks
  5. Offer to Help
  6. Make an Offer
  7. Celebrate or Learn

All of them are supercritical, and it’s hard to imagine a brag-worthy trial conversion rate unless you implement the whole stack…

But if I were to single one out, I urge you to make sure that you’re making an offer.

“Your trial is about to expire” is not a selling proposition that compels people to act…

… and if you’re using lazy “default-type” emails in your onboarding sequence, you’re gonna get “default-type” conversion numbers.

Give this video a watch to give your automated emails a massive upgrade, and then let me know in the comments if you’ve tested another type of email in your onboarding process that has proven successful.

Would love to learn 😉


  • Austin Roberson

    Thanks Dan! This was great and very valuable. 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Austin, absolutely my pleasure – appreciate the kind words.


  • http://www.marktiderman.com Mark Tiderman

    Great stuff @dan. You are constantly reminding us that we need to stand out in the midst of the noise. As SAAS marketers we need to remember that the “trial start” is just the beginning of the nurturing process. Thanks for this script! We are launching a new product next month and i will be using these as my starting point.

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Mark, awesome – glad to hear!


  • Vishal Parikh

    Great Video Dan! Thank you for your help.

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