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Join Marcos Rivera & Dan Martell’s Pricing For Growth™, a 2-Day live online interactive workshop for SaaS founders packed with proven pricing strategies to unlock your SaaS growth.

Date: Nov 18th & 19th 2020
Time: 9:30 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST

6 Out of 10 SaaS Companies Underprice Their Product. Are You One of Them?

Many founders think more leads and more customers will help them scale. But more often than not, real revenue growth won’t come from more leads, it’ll come from better pricing! 

If you’re at $1M ARR, just implementing a few pricing strategies to your pricing model could potentially translate to $200K additional revenue for your SaaS over the next 12 months. Imagine what that extra revenue would do for your company.

To uncover the pricing strategies that’ll unlock your growth and ability to scale, join Marcos Rivera (#1 Pricing Strategist in SaaS) and me in our upcoming pricing workshop...

Pricing For Growth™: Increase Your ARR By 21% Or Your Money Back!

The Pricing For Growth™ online workshop is designed to significantly increase your bottom line through pricing. When you join the event, you’ll discover the same pricing strategies Marcos has used to help his clients generate an additional $200M in revenue. And you’ll use them to repackage and reprice your product for maximum results.

On average, our attendees see a 21% increase in their ARR over the first 90 days. And if you don’t see an increase in your ARR by 21% in 90 days, I'll refund your ticket price!

If you’re a serious SaaS founder committed to scaling your company over the next 90 days. And you’re ready for an edge not many founders have...

Some of our Coaching Clients

What We’ll Cover In The Live Online Workshop:

Day 1 - Packaging Strategies and Tactics:

  • How to package your product so customers go dashing for their credit cards.
  • What to charge for the new features you build. How to price right for new features. Hint: 75% of roadmap features are not linked to monetization.
  • How to create the perfect feature overlap.
  • A behind-the-curtain look at how Marcos helped his SaaS clients generate an additional $200M in revenue through pricing.
  • Did you know complexity kills your conversion rate by 50%. Proven ways to simplify your pricing model.
  • And much more…

Day 2 - Pricing Strategies and Tactics:

  • Is your pricing capturing the value you deserve? Hint: 70% of SaaS businesses undercharge for their value…
  • How often to update your SaaS pricing…
  • At what price do you maximize profit?
  • How to charge 2-3x more than your competitors - and keep your customers…
  • How to uncover what your customers are willing to pay…How to know when your pricing is off…
  • Pricing elasticity and inelasticity…
  • Real examples from real SaaS companies on pricing strategies that have worked; and those that have bombed!
  • And much more…
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Jon Tilley
CEO of ZonGuru

"The pricing strategy review with Marcos was an awesome and valuable session for us! The revenue growth potential coming out of this session is incredibly exciting

Emeric Ernoult
CEO of Agorapulse

"We really enjoyed the pricing feedback call with Marcos - his suggestions were amazingly spot on!  We’re going to act on them right away."

Alice Deer
Founder of GatherContent

"Marcos approach is helping us address the model issues that we need to scrutinize, rather than jumping straight to the pricing itself. High churn, our price point is all really holding us back. It's been a great conversation starter for where our strategy is failing us."

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Bonus Training #1: Sales Team Designer™

How do you know if your new pricing or packaging will sell? In this bonus training, Marcos Rivera reveals how to build your sales team to create the perfect pricing feedback loop so you can optimize your pricing and packaging for maximum results.

($997 Value) 

Bonus Training #2: Pricing Increase Method™

How do you consistently raise your price until you hit the sweet spot?

How do you price-test without upsetting your potential customers?

In this bonus training from Patrick Campbell (thought leader on pricing and founder of ProfitWell), you’ll discover how to nail your pricing strategy so you can reduce your churn and optimize your revenue.

($997 Value)

Fast Action Bonus #1: Live QnA w/ Dan & Marcos

The first 10 action-takers will join a 20 minute LIVE Q&A on the 2-day workshop during lunch to ask Dan & Marcos any question on pricing.

($1,997 Value)

Fast Action Bonus #2: Private SaaS Growth Session

The first 50 who join us will get a complimentary SaaS Growth Session with our Scale Specialist to scale their SaaS business.

($997 Value)

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Meet your host

Marcos Rivera

I'm Marcos Rivera, #1 pricing coach in SaaS. I help B2B SaaS founders unlock their growth and to scale through perfect pricing. And over the last 2 decades, I’ve had the opportunity to help over 100+ SaaS founders/CEO's price their products.

In this workshop, I’ll be bringing you the pricing strategies & frameworks I’ve used to help my clients add over $200M+ in revenue to their bottom line.

Let’s go capture that value!

Dan Martell

I'm Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur, creator of SaaS Academy and an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce. I've founded five SaaS companies & successfully exited three of them.

I coach B2B SaaS founders from companies like ClickFunnels.com, Proposify.com, Carrot.com, TimeDoctor.com, Agorapulse.com etc., 

Really pumped to share the pricing strategies my coaching clients have used to build & scale their SaaS businesses to 10M+ ARR.

Po Ming Lam Founder at Davpiem

"The ROI is through the roof..."

Stephen Pfleiderer Founder at San Francisco Intervention 

"Avoid costly mistakes and learn a blueprint to achieve successful outcomes."

Roberto Robles Founder at Odontalify  

"If you want to learn how to scale your SaaS business, you have to go to this event." 

Seats Are Limited

Although this is an online workshop, to keep this small and intimate, there is a limit to how many attendees can register.

Each day, all attendees are expected to connect and collaborate with each other in groups. 

(If you still see this page up, there are a few open spots remaining.)

Anita Toth CEO of Janiva Inc

"Get your credit card out now and sign up. Now!"

Handy Metellus Founder & CEO of Dynamik Apps

"If you’d like to grow a SaaS business that can scale, attend the Growth Stacking Summit."

Geoff Laycock Founder & CEO of Partfiniti Inc.

"It is real, specific, actionable advice that directly relates to what I do. No theoretical bs" 

Refund Policy:

*Implementations must be done by the attendee/ their team within 15 days of the workshop. Proof of implementation is required; including a comparison of the attendee's website before vs. after pricing increase.

*If the implementation is complete and results are not successful, a plan must be shown as to why the attendee believes it did not deliver.