SaaS Founders:

It’s true. Your churn rate is slowly killing your business. Here’s how to fix that.

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Dan, my churn rate is X%. That’s good, right?

Churn is like lead in the water or carbon monoxide in the air. It’s a silent killer with no amount that can be considered safe for a high-growth SaaS company.

Churn is investor repellant. It’s why your marketing or sales team is holding back on their best ideas. And it’s why you, the founder, are constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed without the consistent revenue growth to show for it.  

Whether your churn is 5% or 50%, you MUST be proactively working to bring it as close to zero as possible.  

Download The Revenue Retention Cheatsheet™ Now

5 Steps To Prevent Churn

Keeping customers around isn’t a matter of luck but a matter of executing just 5 simple steps that rapidly cut churn and give you the confidence to rev your marketing engines knowing you can keep customers around for the long haul. 

Hey, I'm Dan Martell. As an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce - The #1 problem I've seen as a barrier to growth is Churn.

As my own companies were courting VCs, we had a churn problem ourselves. We implemented these 5 systems and in 3 months we cut our churn by 60%. Eventually getting it to a low 3% churn rate.

When we had all of our "holes" filled not only did it make scaling easier, it made us look way more appealing to VCs.

Grab my Revenue Retention Cheatsheet™ Now and implement these systems today, so your SaaS business can really start growing.