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The 6 Components to Positioning Your SaaS Product So It Sells Itself

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Does your product have a hook?

I mean, a value hook

The hook is when someone can see exactly who your product is for and why it’s valuable. These product hooks get stuck in your customer’s minds like a jingle to a catchy song. 

It’s what makes them say “Oh, I get it”

But the way you make (or sharpen) your hook is called positioning.

Positioning is the message you take to market, how you describe what you do, and what you front-load and communicate FIRST so people can understand the value of your product.

Even the best SaaS product can fail to scale if you don’t nail your positioning.

When I launched Clarity.fm, I wasn’t clear about our positioning at all. We created a call system but we didn’t know our hook.

Until I spoke to Omar.

Omar was a customer of Clarity.fm that spent $9000 in a single day. I got him on the phone to ask why… and he immediately described how our product was perfect for him.

He was a growth-minded entrepreneur who would prefer to spend thousands of dollars to speak directly with experts that could solve his problem than to travel to conferences in the hopes of meeting them.


That was our hook.

We rebranded Clarity.fm for entrepreneurs seeking business advice from experts and our growth tripled.

Same call technology, same SaaS… but new positioning. 

Finally, we had a hook. And everything changed.

If your SaaS isn’t growing as fast as you want it to, you’ve got to go back to basics and get your positioning right. 

I’ve recorded a video with the 6 components to consider when positioning your product. Take the time to watch it. This is the strategy that makes massive growth possible.

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This video is inspired by April Dunford’s amazing book Obviously Awesome, where she presents these 6 components:

  1. Competitive Alternatives
  2. Unique Attributes
  3. Value
  4. Target Market Characteristics
  5. Market Category
  6. Relevant Trends

It’s an awesome book (see what I did there?), and I highly recommend it. 

It wasn’t specifically written for SaaS founders which is why I made this video.

But that’s what I love about business strategy. It transcends product formats.

Whether you are selling physical products, services or web-based software, a product will always sell better if you have a great hook.

Enjoy the video, and drop me a comment below if you find it resonates with you.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?