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How To Close SaaS Customers Using Online Chat

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Little known secret…

I got Mark Cuban to invest 250k in my company Clarity.fm…

Without even meeting him.

That’s right.

The exchange happened entirely over email. 14 emails to be exact.

And the deal was done.

I’ll tell you the full story in today’s GSS episode, but the key point is:

Whether you’re looking to attract angel investors or VC firms

Or whether you’re looking to attract and close ideal buyers…

You better believe it, using chat to build demand and close deals is a powerful strategy.

It works in any industry. And for any deal size.

But most founders get this strategy totally wrong.

They don’t know when to go for the close…

They don’t know when (or how) to follow up…

And they ask all the wrong questions…

So, what’s the secret?

How do you use chat to build demand for your software and to close deals?

And how did I get Mark Cuban to sign over 250k via email?

Check it out here, in this week’s GSS episode.

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There are 5 key components to this strategy:

  1. Always be opening
  2. Map the flow
  3. Know your greaser questions
  4. Manage the handoff (so important)
  5. Take shortcuts

Using chat can be such a high point of leverage in your marketing and sales, it deserves to be systematized.

Never, ever leave your success to chance.

The amount of deals chat has created me I can’t even count.

I’m telling you, get on it.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?