How To Create a Business Playbook™ (aka SOP’s: Standard Operating Procedures) for Your Startup

How To Create a Business Playbook™ (aka SOP’s: Standard Operating Procedures) for Your Startup

Are you down with SOP’s?

Some call em’ Standard Operating Procedures, I call them Playbooks.

If you’re tired of putting out fires in your business, then you’ll need them to keep your sanity.

Recently I had the privilege of having dinner w/ the Godfather of system design for entrepreneurs, Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth / 10M copies sold).

I shared my story of how his book transformed everything for me.

At 23 I was set on starting another company for the 3rd time (the first two failed), but I was deadset on doing it differently.

Listen to the full story on my Facebook page (10m21s).

Gerber’s book, taught me a new way to think about business.

I’ve used this process to create a framework called the Business Playbook™.

The goal is to teach you how to have others complete the work in a way that’s as good, if not better than you!

Also, if you do it right, it becomes the easiest way to crosstrain anyone new on your team.

Watch the video to learn how to set this up.

Business systems for your business can be daunting… and seem like a HUGE task, but I’ve broken it down to the simplest next steps:

  1. Start with a program
  2. Add to weekly team meeting
  3. Ingrain it into the culture
  4. Create 3 sections: Procedures, References, Templates
  5. Use it for onboarding / training

#5 is the most important… it will allow you to quickly hire, train and onboard anyone to your team in a streamlined fashion.

Have you implemented systems in your business?

If so, please leave a comment and let everyone else know how it’s impacted your life.

If not, get going… read below for a tip to make this a no brainer 🙂

Here’s to living a bigger life and business.


  • Tammy Martin

    How is it that you read my mind on what I need in my business this week? Thanks for this helpful insight into how you’ve evolved over the years into creating one single document to keep it simple. I like the concept of referring to SOPs as a Playbook too. Much more team friendly;)
    Looking forward to seeing your template(s).

    • Dan Martell


      I’ve hired a bunch of little ninja spies to report back what my community is needing most and that’s what drives my editorial schedule.

      Looks like they’re going to get a raise 🙂


  • BoMichael Lais

    I use Process.St for creating our company playbooks and it’s been a beautiful addition. For those of you that are looking for tools and don’t want to use Google Sheets, then check out Process.St. It’s had a very positive impact on our efficiency.

    • Dan Martell

      Great recommendation!


  • Gus Rodgers

    Hi Dan – I can’t find the link to the Google Sheets that you mentioned .. or am I being blind?? Would be great if you could share, and thanks for another great video!

  • Bob Mills

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for sharing your insights on creating the playbook. Super interesting. I’d love to gain access to the google sheet templates but don’t seem to be getting the information even after submitting my email info. Your help would be appreciated.

    • Dan Martell

      Bob, should be working.

      Email me w/ context and I’ll get my team to send it to you directly.


  • Chris Ronzio

    Love this post, Dan! Our customers are looking for more content about the tactics of getting the work done, do you mind if we link to this on Call them Playbooks or Training Manuals or SOPs – as long as companies get them done, right?!

    • Dan Martell

      100% / would love for you to link to this. Thx Chris!


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