Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business In 90 Days Or Less (Following 5 Simple Steps)

Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business In 90 Days Or Less (Following 5 Simple Steps)

In the next 10 minutes, I’m going to give you everything you need to start your own business in 90 days. I guarantee it.

Free of charge, this is my advice to you.

Yes, you CAN start a business with no resources, no upfront capital, and no infrastructure.

It’s a bold claim… but I’m 100% serious about this.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked: “How do I start a business?” I’ve answered it so many times and I’ve been told my answers have been insightful. 

So I figured it’s time to put it all into one epic, no BS, ‘this is it’ video.

Here it is:

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The 5 key points to starting a business that I cover in the video are:

  1. Create For You
  2. Learn To Tell <– this is a deal-breaker
  3. Ask For Money
  4. Call It A Project
  5. Organize An Event

Usually, I talk about scaling a SaaS to millions in recurring revenue or how to increase expansion revenue and decrease churn…

But once upon a time, I was starting out. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial ‘bug’ with no idea where to start.

So this advice is as much for 17-year-old Dan Martell as it is for you or anyone you know that has the drive and wants to get started.

Agree? Disagree? Got anything to add?

Drop me a comment on the video. I’d love to hear from you. 


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