Can I pick your brain?


Yes! … but please understand that I receive hundreds of these requests every day, and while I’d love to help you out, I simply do not have the capacity.

I do, however, likely have the answer to some of your questions already. Have you checked out my YouTube channel? I have over 100 videos that relate to all-things SaaS.

I also share some off-the-cuff insights on my Instagram account. And if you still haven’t found what you are looking for, then feel free to hit me up on Facebook.

My blog also hosts some of the BEST content I have ever shared. If you took a couple of weeks and went through everything I have made publicly available for free, you would have officially graduated from the University of Dan 🙂 — way BETTER than 10-minutes to ‘pick my brain’.

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Please contact Ally: [email protected]

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