The 5 Secrets to Ensure Your User Conference Is a Smashing Success

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Imagine taking the stage for the opening keynote of your own customer conference.

Hundreds (or even thousands) of your users in front of you.

Enjoying that super cool inflection point where you can literally see the community you’ve built right in front of your eyes…

And at the same time, unlock a hidden series of growth levers that your competitors (who shied away from the whole conference thing) will never have a chance to pull.

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s a short list of what a successful conference can do for your growth:   Read More

How To Scale Your Company Without Bankrupting Your Marriage

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When I was 28 I came home to find my fiance crying in the kitchen holding her engagement ring letting me know it was over.

The truth is… I was a horrible partner.

I unapologetically worked 100 hours a week using the justification that I was doing it all for her and our life ahead of us.

It was complete *bullshit*.

No one had asked me to sacrifice those hours… and if I was being honest, I knew it was just my way of escaping the fact that I felt a lot of “lacking” in my life.

Even though that moment shook me to my core, I learned a long time ago that rock bottom is a beautiful place to start.

So I went on a journey… Read More

Want to Launch the Next Billion-Dollar Startup? Here’s 4 Suggestions By David Sacks

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Ever hear of a guy named David Sacks?

He has a crazy gift.

Essentially, he doesn’t know how to get involved in a startup and NOT have it turn into a billion dollar success story.

We’re talking about…

… Paypal (sold to ebay for 1.5B)

… Yammer (sold to Microsoft for 1.2B)

… dozens of companies he was an angel investor in (Airbnb, Facebook, Uber)

He’s as close to a “tech oracle” as there is… Read More

5 Tricks To Fall Asleep When Your Mind is Racing About Work

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Today I’m gonna talk about this super advanced technology that any founder can use to boost their energy, be more productive, and crush their workday.

It’s not a state of the art nootropic.

It’s not bulletproof coffee with heaping scoops of grass fed ghee.

It’s your sleep.

I see you eye rolling through that sleep mask 😉

But here’s why we’re gonna upgrade your sleep quality in this week’s video.

If it’s taking you until 2am to fall asleep, chances are… Read More

Recruiting Channel Partners? Here Are 5 Secrets to Help You Succeed

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Leadpages used *this* strategy to scale their growth at a ridiculous rate.

So did my company Flowtown.

As well as a recent SaaS Academy client who hired an army of over two thousand “salesmen” to promote his accounting software… for free.

If you haven’t caught on…

We’re talking about strategic partnerships.

Partnerships are one of the fastest and most efficient ways of scaling your software business.

It’s essentially outsourcing your customer acquisition… and only paying a pre-negotiated  commission if the user converts.

Predictable acquisition costs? Read More

5 Ways To Increase SaaS Activation Rates

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I was recently working with a SaaS Academy client who had a serious churn problem.

So serious that he was letting 18% of his accounts disappear without a fight.

Couple that with skyhigh acquisition costs and flatlining expansion revenue… and let’s just say that this company was playing with some serious fire.

“Scale” wasn’t a word you could use with a straight face.

Make no mistake… Read More

Tell Stories that Sell: the Best Customer Case Study Template

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Have you ever tried to collect a case study only to find yourself stumbling over the “ask” before mercifully aborting mission?


Happens to just about every SaaS founder.

Even when we get epic results for our customers…

… asking for a case study turns otherwise confident SaaS founders into the chess club captain trying to ask the head cheerleader out to prom.


But it doesn’t have to be. Read More

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