(Free SaaS Resource) The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?

The Pros and Cons of Raising Money For Your SaaS From Your Customers

“Should I raise money from your customers or big strategic investors?” Hard to say without taking a closer look. But having raised over $500M of venture capital, I know what you SHOULDN’T do IF you decide to raise. These mistakes will cost you time, resources, money, and most importantly…drain the passion from you like a dehydrated vampire. These are the


What is SaaS? A Beginner’s Guide to Software as a Service

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is (IMO) one of the best business models to be in right now. There’s no inventory. No physical product. No shipping department or manufactures to deal with. Profit is high. And you can start a software company even if you have no coding or development experience. I personally know Software Founders who don’t have


5 SaaS Pricing Strategies for 2023

“Dan, we’ve doubled our revenue since we last spoke.” I could feel the goosebumps on my arms as I typed back: “Hell yeah!” I knew exactly what he was talking about. He typed back: “You were right. We did what you said, and MRR doubled.” I smiled. I love it when clients click that “I believe” button and take action,


6 SaaS Ideas That Will Change The Game In 2023

One of my software coaching clients recently asked me: “Dan, if you were starting over today and had to build a new software company, what would you build?” That’s a good question.  But let’s make it a bit more interesting, shall we? Let’s assume I had: NO coding or development skills  NO audience or list NO reputation NO connections NO


4 Steps to Overcome Fear: What Tony Robbins Taught Me

I recently attended a Tony Robbins event, and what I learned there was truly game-changing. It was a crazy, 6-day adventure. We had 13-16 hour days of intentional, high-energy self-work… …I came close to tears multiple times, I can’t remember the last time I danced this much, But the most important takeaways were these 4 mindset hacks.


How to Build a High-Performance Team & Buy Back Your Time

You know what’s worse than hiring mediocre people? Hiring amazing people and then losing them because you didn’t know how to motivate, coach or support them. When I started building businesses, this was my biggest mistake. I hired people, dumped a bunch of tasks on them, and thought my work was done. Wrong.


How Rehab Made Me an Entrepreneur

When I was 17, I ended up in prison and eventually rehab… …sounds like a tough time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I found a dusty programming book, an old 486 computer, and got it to say:


MRR Over $10k?

You might be few pricing tweaks away from adding 21% ARR…

A.C.E Growth Engine

3 Proven Strategies To Scale Any SaaS to $10k MRR And Beyond

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