The 5 Best Business Opportunities For Newbie Entrepreneurs To Start in 2020

Today, I’m going to give you the 5 most profitable business ideas that you can start in 2020. Yes, THIS YEAR. Profitable meaning:  Low risk High reward Great return on investment Quick to take to market Capable of growing and scaling Not all business ideas are equal. An idea is only valuable if it’s actionable and profitable.  These ideas I’m about to show you? They’re the good ones.

[Escape Velocity] – Episode 23 – Peldi Guilizzoni at Balsamiq

When I built my company, I remember staying up until 3AM designing how this software would work. But I’m not a designer. So I used an awesome wireframing tool called Balsamiq. It was a dream to use. In no time at all, I had a working prototype for my SaaS, the same one that was later successfully acquired by Fundable. I love Balsamiq. And I recommend it to all “graphically challenged” software founders.

Start With a Pain Point: How to Find SaaS Customers Before You Even Have a Product

“How do I find a problem that would be perfect to solve with a SaaS?” YES! Now that’s a good question. I come in contact with a lot of SaaS founders and business owners (or the wannabes) that ask the wrong questions. You can tell when their mindset isn’t in the right place. Fixating on bad questions means pouring your mental energy down the drain and wondering why your business is flushing itself out to sea. So when I hear

How Do You Talk to Potential Buyers? 5 Rules For The Fine Art of Friendly Acquisition

Bzzzt. Bzzzt. “Hello?” “Hi Dan, I’m calling from Google. We’re interested in potentially buying your company…” Ok, it didn’t go quite like that, but it’s true - my first call with a potential acquirer was with Google. I was super excited! I mean… Google?! They’ve got money to burn, and I was ready to take it! ...then I proceeded to make some big mistakes. 

Top 5 SaaS Metrics to Monitor a Customer’s First Session

Software companies love new customers... BUT few pay special attention to them. The most important part of getting customer success stories is making sure you have excited customers to tell that story. It’s crazy simple. It all starts with… The customer relationship. Let me define it:  It's the relationship between a customer and a business. Just like any relationship, it can be good, okay, or completely terrible. And the best way to knock it out of the park with new

[Escape Velocity] – Episode 20 – Claire Lew at Know Your Team

Reality Check: Success isn’t about driving Ferraris and sipping champagne from a private jet... It’s about how you handle problems. No matter how many customers you get, how much profit you make… you will always have problems. Money might buy you a bigger team and more talented employees, but then you’ve got the problem of actually knowing your team!  How do you keep your finger on the pulse in your own company?