Startup Funding Rounds: How It Really Works

Let me demystify this complex, confusing strategy they call: Startup Funding Rounds. Yeah, you’ve heard the words thrown around before. “We’re raising our series B”, and “I’m looking for a pre-seed angel investor” or “We’re gearing up for an IPO”... They may as well be talking another language, right?

B2B SaaS: How To Build Your Organization

Many founders throw money at new employees hoping their business will grow...  Only to find they don't know where to ‘put’ their new employees, and they end up wasting cash on salaries for an under-utilized team. Ever experienced this before? I definitely have. See, I believe a successful founder doesn’t just build a business...

[Escape Velocity] – Episode 39 – Alex Theuma at SaaStock

Here’s a word that either makes you cringe… or sigh with relief: “Networking”. If you’ve had a bad experience of it, you’ll get that icky feeling of trying to schmooze through fake smiles for business. But if you’ve had a great experience, you’ll think of life-long friends sharing war stories about their businesses and helping each other out. Networking done right is invaluable.

3-Step Process To Finding (And Keeping) The Right Advisors For Your SaaS Business

I can tell if your business is going to scale successfully by asking one question: Do you have a business coach, mentor or advisor? If your answer is no… I’m worried for you.  Hear me out. Succeeding in business means making the right decisions frequently.  I’ve seen small companies dominate in niches that were owned by big-business giants simply because they made better decisions.