Want to Launch the Next Billion-Dollar Startup? Here’s 4 Suggestions By David Sacks

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Ever hear of a guy named David Sacks?

He has a crazy gift.

Essentially, he doesn’t know how to get involved in a startup and NOT have it turn into a billion dollar success story.

We’re talking about…

… Paypal (sold to ebay for 1.5B)

… Yammer (sold to Microsoft for 1.2B)

… dozens of companies he was an angel investor in (Airbnb, Facebook, Uber)

He’s as close to a “tech oracle” as there is… Read More

5 Ways To Increase SaaS Activation Rates

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I was recently working with a SaaS Academy client who had a serious churn problem.

So serious that he was letting 18% of his accounts disappear without a fight.

Couple that with skyhigh acquisition costs and flatlining expansion revenue… and let’s just say that this company was playing with some serious fire.

“Scale” wasn’t a word you could use with a straight face.

Make no mistake… Read More

Tell Stories that Sell: the Best Customer Case Study Template

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Have you ever tried to collect a case study only to find yourself stumbling over the “ask” before mercifully aborting mission?


Happens to just about every SaaS founder.

Even when we get epic results for our customers…

… asking for a case study turns otherwise confident SaaS founders into the chess club captain trying to ask the head cheerleader out to prom.


But it doesn’t have to be. Read More

Let’s Fix Startup Board Meetings: 5 Sections To Flow

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Few things can shatter a founder’s confidence quicker than a poorly managed board meeting.

At best…

… you’ll get glossed over stares and “checked out” investors who secretly hate you for wasting their time.

At worst…

… you’ll accidentally knock over the first domino in getting kicked out of your own company.

Pay special attention to Step #4 in this week’s video to make sure that never happens. Read More

How to Build a Referral Program into Your SaaS Product

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“Help me. Help you.”


Not talking about that epic one liner from Jerry Maguire.

I’m talking about the inner dialogue your customers experience whenever they try to refer your product to their tribe.

One of the EASIEST ways to acquire a new B2B Saas customer is to have your current users refer you at scale.

Just ask Dropbox 😉

Only problem is… most companies make that process painfully hard and complicated. Read More

Give a Great Product Demo: 5 Rules

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Are you acting like a 5 year old when demoing your product?

Last week my son Max (5) asked me to help him with his show & tell presentation.

So I taught him a simple 3 step process.

  1. Start with the problem. (Story)
  2. Pick 3 benefits & features to highlight (Demo)
  3. Ask if they want to play afterwards (CTA)

These 3 steps are just a compressed version of what I teach my SaaS coaching clients… focus on the pain, peg it to benefits delivered via features and go for the close.

What do you think the other kids did? Read More

5 Simple But Powerful Ways to Lower SaaS Customer Churn

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Has a customer ever punched you in the face?


Has it ever felt like that?

Every time I’ve had a customer sign-up, stick around for a few months, and cancel (aka churn) it sure feels that way.

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been building businesses, nothing frustrates me more than having a customer that I spent a ton of time, energy and money attracting, leave because we missed the mark.

What’s different about my approach is that I take 110% accountability for customers churning. Read More

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