5 Tricks To Fall Asleep When Your Mind is Racing About Work

Today I’m gonna talk about this super advanced technology that any founder can use to boost their energy, be more productive, and crush their workday. It’s not a state of the art nootropic. It’s not bulletproof coffee with heaping scoops of grass fed ghee. It’s your sleep. I see you eye rolling through that sleep mask ;-) But here’s why we’re gonna upgrade your sleep quality in this week’s video. If it’s taking you until 2am to fall asleep, chances

The Top 5 Problems with Distributed Teams and How to Solve Them

Wow. Every once in a while I re-watch one of my videos and just laugh... This time around, I can’t believe how many times I said “distributed team”??! You could easily play a drinking game on it and end up loaded within 10 minutes. Not recommended btw. For real. Don’t do it. Instead, I wanted to take a few mins to show you how I’ve been able to manage large teams virtually, and the process I use to do this.

The 5 Steps I Used To Teach Myself To Code And Sell Something At 17 Years Old

The first thing I ever built that I charged for was an MP3 burning app. I had just learned Visual Basic in one of my elective programming classes in highschool, and I wanted to see what I could create. The problem I wanted to solve was simple... As one of the few people at the time with a CD burner, I would always have my friends come over to my house and spend hours going through all of the MP3’s

High Tempo Testing: How To Manage Your Startup’s Growth Team

Facebook looks at daily active users. Airbnb.com uses bookings. At Clarity - my previous company - we obsessed over completed calls. These are called North Star Metrics. It’s a clear metric that your growth team focuses on to move the needle. The key is that it captures the value created for your customers, and allows everyone on the team - and really the company - to drive this forward. But how do you come up with the right ideas to

Tools For Entrepreneurs: Managing Software Development

In 2001, I got a job I wasn’t qualified for. I was hired by a big oil company to lead a new project with dozens of developers to build a product that would be used by every employee in the company. No pressure, right? On the first day, the hiring manager realized I was in way over my head and pulled me aside to tell me I had 2 weeks to “figure things out”. Umm… ok? I had no clue

How To Create a Business Playbook™ (aka SOP’s: Standard Operating Procedures) for Your Startup

Are you down with SOP’s? Some call em’ Standard Operating Procedures, I call them Playbooks. If you’re tired of putting out fires in your business, then you’ll need them to keep your sanity. Recently I had the privilege of having dinner w/ the Godfather of system design for entrepreneurs, Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth / 10M copies sold). I shared my story of how his book transformed everything for me. At 23 I was set on starting another company