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The 5 Enemies of Success in Your Life

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One of my favorite move characters has got to be James Bond.

007 is really good at a few things: sneaking into places he doesn’t belong, and killing bad guys.

He’s the ultimate assasin.

After buiding and exiting a handful companies, and working with 1,000s of entrepenuers, I’ve discovered 5 “Time Assasins” that are sneakily stealing away, hurting & killing our productivity.

They drain away precious time we could be spending with our family, our team and our customers.

Today, I want to share who (and what) these Time Assasins are and how to spot ‘em.

Then, I’ll show you how to kick ‘em out.

Once you get rid of these sneaky time killers, you’ll feel like a huge boulder has been lifted from your shoulders.

And you’ll be able to get more done, make more progress on projects and still have time left over to do what you want.

Beware of these Time Assassins.

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You probably only have 1 or two of these time suckers in your life, but once you spot it and get rid of it (I’ll show you how here




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