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How To Build a Successful Software Business Without Coding Skills

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History is packed with famous product failures.

Remember the Google Glass? Or the Amazon Fire Phone?

Both were hyped to be a massive success but they tanked BIG time.

Google lost over $1 billion, and Amazon lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Ouch!

But then there are other products like the Oculus Rift that flew off the shelves.

The Oculus raised over $2 million from more than 9,500 backers…

And was later scooped up by Facebook for a cool $2 billion.

So, why did the Oculus succeed, when the others crashed and burned?

They didn’t validate market demand.

I’ve seen WAY too many founders fall into this trap.

They make vitamins instead of painkillers.

Rather than forging a must-have solution…

They end up building something that’s nice to have.

Success leaves clues, my friends.

The secret to building a profitable SaaS is…

Find a problem that customers will desperately throw their money at.

And get them to sign up BEFORE you even build it.

Some of you might think, “No way, that’s crazy.”

Why would anyone pay you for software before it’s built?

But here’s the kicker…

If people aren’t willing to pay for your software before it’s built…

You’re probably building a solution to a problem they couldn’t care less about.

In today’s video, I reveal 5 secrets to building a profitable SaaS that will help you avoid flushing your time and money down the drain. Check out this video.

How to Start a Profitable SaaS with ZERO Coding Skills Apply for a free growth session today >>> 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. The hidden truth behind building prototypes
  2. How to tap into customer-led funding for growth and validation
  3. Why you MUST test your team before building anything
  4. The magic of an ‘early adopter program’ (and the perfect discount to offer for maximum success)
  5. Why letting developers call the shots can spell disaster for your SaaS

This is the exact strategy I recently walked my friend Taylor through that enabled him to go from ZERO…

To a working product in the market within six months generating over $350,000 in sales for their software.

So if you want to learn how to validate, fund, and scale your SaaS idea without writing a single line of code, check it out now.

Let me know your top takeaways in the comments.

Dan “the market validator” Martell

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