5 Key Components of Extreme Revenue Growth For SaaS Companies

I’ve nerded out to over 1,000 business books. Of course, there’s the *obvious* classics like Traction, Scaling Up, and Good to Great. But there’s also this little-known, underground classic that I REFUSE to let any of my private coaching clients do without. It’s so *under the radar* that at last count, it had a whopping total of 9 Amazon reviews (all of them 5 stars by the way...)

How To Use Custom Audience on Facebook To Reduce Your Marketing Costs

“Facebook ads don’t work for B2B SaaS” Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before (or have been the one to say it). I hear some spin on that one multiple times per week. Usually from a jaded SaaS founder who went “all in” with Facebook only to burn through their Amex card with nothing but a stack of air miles to show for it. There’s a reason that Facebook is such a polarizing channel in the SaaS world.

Want to Launch the Next Billion-Dollar Startup? Here’s 4 Suggestions By David Sacks

Ever hear of a guy named David Sacks? He has a crazy gift. Essentially, he doesn’t know how to get involved in a startup and NOT have it turn into a billion dollar success story. We’re talking about… … Paypal (sold to ebay for 1.5B) … Yammer (sold to Microsoft for 1.2B) … dozens of companies he was an angel investor in (Airbnb, Facebook, Uber) He’s as close to a “tech oracle” as there is…

The 8 Most Reliable Ways To Fund Your Startup

When I started my SaaS (that stands for Software-as-a-Service) startup Flowtown my co-founder Ethan and I had a tough decision to make... How do we fund the company? Even though I had the capital to self fund the whole thing, as I had just sold my previous company Spheric, he was 23 and didn’t have a penny to his name. So this is what I did... It was Friday, and I said, if you can find a way to raise

How To Avoid The Startup Graveyard Using The Software Sales Matrix

How much does it cost you to acquire a customer? Understanding that will help you understand your model. Most founders think it’s just the cost of your advertising spend. Nope. It’s everything you spend on marketing (people + ad spend + contractors, etc) AND sales (everyone involved in the process + tools, etc)... And that still doesn’t include anyone you might have to qualify, or the cost of running webinars, etc.

8 Ways To Make Money (for Teenagers)

Did you know that at age 13, John D Rockefeller - the richest man in the world - built his family a house?!!! As a teenager I was definitely not a productive member of society. Quite the opposite actually. That being said, I continue to believe that we all underestimate what kids can accomplish at every age. If you have teenagers in your life, this video is for them. Over the past few months I’ve received dozens of emails and

How To Divide Ownership Fairly When Forming A Startup

How does Richard Branson manage 400+ companies? He doesn’t. Over the years he’s learned how to build teams and split ownership in a way that drives everything forward. In 2004, after 2 failed companies, I finally learnt this lesson. When I started my company Spheric Technologies I started it with partners. Why? I realized if I wanted to go far - and get there faster - I needed other people on the team that had a piece of the business.