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Buy a SaaS Company Without Risking It All (Using These 5 Strategies)

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If you’re looking for ways to grow your MRR…

I’ve got a bold move I want to share with you today.

It’s a move that makes most founders tense up a little.

Buying a SaaS.

Yep, that’s right.

Buying someone’s team, technology, and IP then fusing it with your business is one of the most strategic moves you could make.

You can cross sell your existing customers…

You can plug in your processes and increase conversion

And as an added bonus, every time you acquire a SaaS, your portfolio grows exponentially in value.

When you get acquisition right, it’s like an explosion of cashflow and MRR injected into your business.

But, how do you make sure you’re not tying yourself to a sinking ship?

How do you protect yourself from buying something that’ll blow up in your face?

Well here’s my process.

I’ve used it to buy 6 SaaS companies.

And it’s inspired by a training I did with Kevin @ SureSwift Capital for my private clients…who has bought over 40+ SaaS companies and uses these strategies too.

Check it out.

How To Buy a SaaS Company WITHOUT Risking Your Whole Business Using the Bolt-On Acquisition™ Strategy

We’ll be covering these 5 strategies in depth:

  1. Map The Landscape (Knowing who you’re playing with is a must)
  2. Go In Asking
  3. Buy Due Diligence (Totally underrated as an evaluation step.)
  4. Acquisition Financing (Thought you need a ton of capital? Think twice.)
  5. Plan Post Sale

Some of the insiders in this space probably don’t want me sharing these strategies with you and creating more competition for us…

But the SaaS space grew $20B in just 2020 alone.

So I think there’s more than enough for anyone genuinely interested.

For my complete breakdown of the Bolt-On Acquisition Strategy, check out this week’s episode, and leave your biggest takeaway in the comments.

How To Buy a SaaS Company To Grow MRR.


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