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The Ultimate SaaS Financial Guide with Mark MacLeod @ SurePath Capital

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If investors give you money to grow… 

Are you still able to sell your business later on?

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…

96% of funded companies also exit by acquisition.

It happens…

All. The. Time. 

Great investors understand this and encourage it.

Their investment grows, and you get to walk away with the paycheck of a lifetime.

And that’s what my latest guest Mark MacLeod (an investing legend) and I are talking about in today’s GSS episode.

Not only was Mark the ex-CFO of Shopify, Tungle, and Freshbooks… where he was managing BILLIONS of dollars in growth…

But from 2015 to 2020, he was also the founder of SurePath Capital, an early-stage investor targeting SMB tech companies.

SurePath was one of the only investors out there that helped you as a founder exit the exact same company they invested in!

In Mark’s words, they would help you get “two bites of the apple”.

It’s a privilege to sit down and interview such an experienced CFO about investment strategies, growth opportunities, and how to successfully coordinate your exit.

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In this episode, Mark gets talking about:

  • What SaaS benchmarks you need before attracting investors
  • How SurePath raised and invested $115M+ in capital
  • How Mark got poached to become the CFO of Shopify
  • When PE is better than VC funding
  • Market maps (have you heard that one?)
  • How to force diligence upfront from a legit acquisition offer
  • Pricing psychology for your SaaS
  • The 3 conditions of success for a freemium model

Mark has been in this business for a long time…

Since 2007, he has blogged about CFO strategies and experiences more than probably anyone else on earth.

(Funny story… He was even an investor in one of my companies years ago.)

CFOs often fall into the shadows behind a CEO, but they have direct knowledge of money like no-one else in a company.

If you want to grow your business, then this is an unmissable episode packed with golden insights from a legendary money-man.

Tune in here.



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