Five Reasons Why You Should NOT List Your Pricing on Your Website

When I was 25 and building my first company, Spheric, I closed an enterprise level deal with Procter & Gamble. Not only was it an “arrival point” for my company… But in the negotiations, I actually got P&G to fund an entire slate of new integrations and features, while we retained the IP. Pretty cool, right? Thing is, none of that would’ve been possible had I made the mistake that most founders make…

Give a Great Product Demo: 5 Rules

Are you acting like a 5 year old when demoing your product? Last week my son Max (5) asked me to help him with his show & tell presentation. So I taught him a simple 3 step process. Start with the problem. (Story) Pick 3 benefits & features to highlight (Demo) Ask if they want to play afterwards (CTA) These 3 steps are just a compressed version of what I teach my SaaS coaching clients... focus on the pain, peg

6 Characteristics of Successful SaaS Salespeople

All SaaS companies need sales people. Even products like Dropbox & Slack have sales teams. If you look at the Montclare SaaS 250 list, they all have sales teams. So why do startups push off making this hire for so long? It’s usually because they don’t know what to look for and are scared that a new fancy pants sales person wouldn’t close enough deals to cover their cost. A totally legit concern. But one you need to quickly blast

How To Compensate & Scale Your Startup Sales Team

Have you ever been talked into do something you knew was dumb? *raises hand* Back when I was scaling my company Spheric Technologies, a friend introduced me to his buddy who did outsourced sales. Essentially, a quick fix “easy button” for business owners who can’t be bothered to take full control of the lifeblood of their business. Smart right? ;) His big promise was that he could get me scheduled meetings with qualified buyers for our services... ... so I

How To Avoid The Startup Graveyard Using The Software Sales Matrix

How much does it cost you to acquire a customer? Understanding that will help you understand your model. Most founders think it’s just the cost of your advertising spend. Nope. It’s everything you spend on marketing (people + ad spend + contractors, etc) AND sales (everyone involved in the process + tools, etc)... And that still doesn’t include anyone you might have to qualify, or the cost of running webinars, etc.

6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn To Build a Million Dollar Company

I can still remember the moment I became a millionaire. It took 10 years of failing, getting back up, testing, iterating till finally at 27 years old it happened. I can still remember the specific moment when I found out. I was cruising in my broke down, decade old Jetta when my accountant Marc called me to break the news. He was more excited for me than I was only because he knew how hard I had been working. Also,