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Lead Magnet Hacks: 5 Steps To Double The Number Of Qualified Leads In Your Funnel

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You could have the best product in the world but…

Most prospects aren’t ready to start a trial with your product.

They need to get to know you a bit more.

That’s like asking a complete stranger to marry you.

Most SaaS businesses are proposing to random strangers.

I did this for a while too.

Back in 2009, when I was building my company Flowtown…

We had a blog that was generating hundreds of thousands of views every month.

And instead of going on a date.

We went straight for the proposal.

On our blog page we asked visitors to sign up for a trial.

And as you’d expect…

Most of those visitors bounced. And NEVER EVER came back.

Which is sad.

Because we could have EASILY doubled our opportunities if we had done what I want to show you in this week’s video.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on advertising, only to let them slip through the net…

There’s a better way.

And it all has to do with lead magnets.

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In this video, we’ll cover how to do lead magnets for SaaS – the right way. You’ll learn:

  1. The S.A.G.E Formula
  2. How To “Double Align”
  3. Powerful Lead Magnet Names
  4. How To Maximise Conversion Flow
  5. Ethically “Robbing & Duplicating”

And much more…

Imagine your funnel was filled with ready-to-buy leads.

You have their emails (you’re going on dates) and you’re sending them value every week.

Done right, you could potentially drive MILLIONS of dollars in new revenue like this.

That’s the opportunity here. And I’ve done this in so many of my different businesses.

Here’s the lead magnet “checklist” I use every single time. >>>

Watch the video, and let me know in the comments how valuable this training was for you.

Let’s get it!




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