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Embarrassed By Your MVP? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing…

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“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” – Reed Hoffman, LinkedIn

Dropbox started with just a demo video…

Jeff Bezos manually shipped books every time he received an online order…

Airbnb started in the founders’ apartment.

They didn’t wait to build the perfect product.

MVPs are supposed to be embarrassing.

Too many founders play it safe and build MVPs that aren’t really MVPs.

Instead of launching to get proof of concept…

They wait for the stars to align and for all the features to be functional.

Don’t do that.

Launch a product and iterate.

That’s how you reach product-market fit as fast as possible.

And that’s how you guarantee what you build from day one is valued by the market.

This is what I was telling Chelsea the other day when she came to me passionate about her new business…

Chelsea is a co-founder for Q-rounds, a healthcare startup that is helping patients know when doctors will visit them.

So I shared my top tips on what you should focus on when you’re building an MVP, and what you should avoid like the plague.

Check it out in today’s video.

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Here’s a preview of what we talked about:

  1. The 3 Feature Rule For MVPs
  2. How To Create Investor Optionality
  3. Company Killing Advice
  4. The Danger of Using Laggard Feedback
  5. Outsourcing vs In-house Dev Teams (What You Need To Know)
  6. If you want to launch a successful MVP and race to product-market fit, check out today’s video.

Looking forward to hearing your biggest takeaways in the comments.




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