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From Drugs To Dream life: How I Became Who I Am Today

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When I was 11, I lit roman candles inside my foster home.

Yup… inside.

Bad idea…

Turns out, couches can catch fire.

Which makes a foster home kinda happy when that 11 year old kid packs up his bag and leaves.

Fast forward a few years and I was still making bad decisions…

So at 17, I was driving a stolen car, high and drunk…

With a handgun in the backpack on the passenger seat…

And then I crashed that stolen car into a house.

But get this…

That day saved my life.

And started my journey towards the life I have today…

You can watch my story here.

I tell my story at Portage NOT to boast or brag…But to encourage you to achieve your dreams and goals. Check out Portage Atlantic HERE >>

After the series of bad decisions with the stolen car…

Portage was the drug rehab center that saved my life when I was 17.

To this day, I try to visit once or twice a year (for 24 years now).

In this video, I talk about my journey…

  1. “Success leaves clues”
  2. The one thing every BIG house has in common (and yours should, too)
  3. Why therapy is SO important

Fair warning…

My story isn’t always easy to hear.

Because I refuse to edit or sugarcoat it.

But I hope it inspires you to dream bigger about what’s possible!

Watch the video here >>


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