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The Pros and Cons of Raising Money For Your SaaS From Your Customers

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“Should I raise money from your customers or big strategic investors?”

Hard to say without taking a closer look.

But having raised over $500M of venture capital, I know what you SHOULDN’T do IF you decide to raise.

These mistakes will cost you time, resources, money, and most importantly…drain the passion from you like a dehydrated vampire.

These are the three biggest mistakes I see Founders making when raising:

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Here’s what we’ll chat about:

  • Why taking investment could ruin the vision for your product (and how to avoid it)
  • The customer investor “scope” black hole that could derail your roadmap and frustrate your and your whole team
  • How to get the benefits of customer investor without all the frustrating downsides
  • What you should never disclose when raising lots of money

If you’re thinking of raising, PLEASE watch this so you don’t make these common mistakes.

Taking on investment can relieve a lot of pressure.

It can give you a huge boost.

Just make sure you avoid giving away too much.

This video shows you how.

Dan “customer funded” Martell

P.S. There are three phases to raising.

The “pre-marketing” phase is one that most people overlook.

I put all three phases in a guide to help if you’re thinking of raising.

I’ve raised over $500M with this methodology.

My gift to you.

See you next week 👋🏽




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