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The Pinata Protocol: Achieving Success and Overcoming Challenges with Tenacity and Focus

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When I started my coaching business, I built a course called “Idea to Exit”.

It failed.

I spent months brainstorming the outline and content.

Recorded dozens of videos in a professional recording studio.

I poured my heart and soul into it.

The course was the best in the world.

Then I had some trusted people in the industry promote it.

On launch day, I sent out the offer to my list, and my partners sent it out to over 100,000 people.

6 days later…

Crickets 🦗.

It was so bad, Ryan Levesque called me and asked if the tracking was broken. 🤦🏼‍♂️

By all accounts, it was a complete “failure”.

I called up my friend and coach at the time and said: “What do we do? How do I honor the people that support me? I’m willing to do anything.”

He told me to record 4 different sales videos and to tweak the positioning.

So the next day, I rewrote all the email copy. shot 4 more sales videos repackaged everything…

For the next two weeks I manned the chat myself.

Honestly, it was traumatic for me.

But it forced my ask the question: “Who is doing this already that I can model and learn from?”

I found that person.

Did exactly what they said.

It took a few weeks, but we ended up doing $700k in sales.

From the outside, folks might look and say, “Wow, Dan was an overnight success!”

Heck, maybe you’ve thought that.

Not even close.

They didn’t see all the angry emails…

…weeks of running ads and promoting with ZERO sales…

…late nights on my laptop chatting with customers on Intercom.

See, here’s what most folks don’t realize:

There are three psychological traits that all successful people share.

It’s how I’ve been able to run a 8 figure coaching business and help 1000’s of SaaS founders build the business of their dreams.

It’s given me the resources to invest in over 50 companies.

I call it the “Pinata Protocol”:

The Pinata Protocol: Overcoming Challenges with Tenacity and FocusApply for a free growth session today >>> 

Just like a piñata, every swing gets you closer to those sweet tootsie rolls.

Folks look at the last swing and say: “Wow, he blasted that piñata with one hit!”

Dude – that piñata has been hit 100x already!

But most people only see that last hit.

Here’s how to keep hitting, even when you don’t see results.

Dan “pinata blaster” Martell

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