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What is SaaS? A Beginner’s Guide to Software as a Service

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SaaS, or Software as a Service, is (IMO) one of the best business models to be in right now.

There’s no inventory.

No physical product.

No shipping department or manufactures to deal with.

Profit is high.

And you can start a software company even if you have no coding or development experience.

I personally know Software Founders who don’t have a coding bone in their body.

If you’re entrepreneurial, have a passion for solving problems and want to build a business where your revenue isn’t attached to your time…

Check this out:

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We’ll cover:

The pricing models for SaaS
What SaaS is (and isn’t)
The difference between cloud based and server based software
The benefits of SaaS vs other business models
Why SaaS is so easy to scale

Got an idea for a SaaS?

Comment on the post with your idea. Would love to hear about it.


Dan Martell

P.S. I built and sold my first software business by the time I was 27.

A few years earlier, I was in solitary confinement for stealing a car, running from the cops, then pulling a loaded gun on the police officer.

My life could have gone in a completely different direction, if it weren’t for the life lessons I learned.

I put them all into a book called Buy Back Your Time.

You can get it here.

If you and I were to go snowboarding and chat about what it takes to become successful, this is what I would say.




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