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3 Questions That Helped Me Shut Down My $1.8M Coaching Business in 2017 and Start Over

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In 2017, I was running a $1.8M a year coaching business with 50% profit, and having a BLAST.

I was doing three events a year, had dozens of clients I loved working with and having a ton of fun.

So I shut it down.

Not because it wasn’t doing well.

We were helping a lot of people get incredible results.

I shut it down because I new, deep down, I was playing it safe.

I saw (with the help of a wise mentor) that I was stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

Five years and one puppy later, I’d built an 8-figure coaching business, that is now one of the largest software CEO coaching companies in the world.

I stopped doing something “good” to do something “great”.

But I wouldn’t have been able to take the step of starting over if I didn’t have access to three powerful questions.

They gave me the clarity to make an enormously difficult decision, that ultimately changed my life…

And the lives of 1,000’s…


These three questions will unlock your next level of growth, and give you the clarity and confidence to make that hard decision:

Why I Shut Down My $1 8M Coaching Business in 2017 and Started Over Apply for a free growth session today >>> 

You’ll learn:
The “Value” question to perfect your ICP,
The “Results” question to define your offer.
The “Seasoned Buyer” question to avoid hating your customers.
And how to implement them in your life AND business.

I hope these questions have as much an impact on you as they have on mine.

Dan ” the dime” Martell


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