How To Use Custom Audience on Facebook To Reduce Your Marketing Costs

“Facebook ads don’t work for B2B SaaS” Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before (or have been the one to say it). I hear some spin on that one multiple times per week. Usually from a jaded SaaS founder who went “all in” with Facebook only to burn through their Amex card with nothing but a stack of air miles to show for it. There’s a reason that Facebook is such a polarizing channel in the SaaS world.

5 Ways To Increase SaaS Activation Rates

I was recently working with a SaaS Academy client who had a serious churn problem. So serious that he was letting 18% of his accounts disappear without a fight. Couple that with skyhigh acquisition costs and flatlining expansion revenue… and let’s just say that this company was playing with some serious fire. “Scale” wasn’t a word you could use with a straight face. Make no mistake…

5 Reasons Customers Churn (a.k.a Fire You) And What To Do About It

What’s your churn? If you don’t know this number, get it. Better yet, do you know why they’re churning? When I was building my company Flowtown, we had a 12% monthly churn. Not good. That meant that after only 8.3 months we had lost ALL of the customers we had worked so hard to attract & convert? Just so you know, that makes for a HORRIBLE business. Your goal should be 8% PER YEAR (for B2B SaaS)! So if you’re

The Way To Measure Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

How much value did you create today? What about yesterday? Want to know the best way to score yourself? You need to learn the Entrepreneurial Scorecard (all credit goes to Todd Herman, creator of the 90 Day Year). This framework is the only one I’ve found that allows founders to self evaluate their daily activities and accurately measure how those tasks measure up with your business’s growth. Warning:

The 4 Roles of a Sales Team

If you think “sales” is a dirty word, then you’re going to hate today’s video. But if you believe that it’s not just your right, but your flat out responsibility to share your product / service / program with as many people who can benefit from it as possible... ... then read this carefully. Implementing this strategy could be the main difference maker between mediocre (but unenviable) success… ... and building a rockstar company that customers line up to buy

5 Important Elements of a Financial Business Model

Have you ever felt stupid? I have. For pretty much my entire teenage existence I felt like I didn’t understand the world around me. When I got into business at 17 it was no different. I’d watch these “businessmen” talk and I had no clue what they were saying.... ... but over time I decided to learn. I put in the time to study books on marketing, finance, leadership, design, etc.. After a while, I could understand what they were