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5 Advanced Tips To Make The Most Out Of Working With an Agency or Contractor

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I’ve seen it too many times…

Agencies that screw a business like yours out of your hard-earned cash.

You hire an agency wanting quick results but end up with a hole in your bank account and a laughable ROI to show for it.

Whenever I see this, I don’t blame the agency. 

I blame the business that hired them.

Harsh? Yes. 

But it’s true.

Agencies can get you GREAT results (and I’ve worked with many over the years)…

…but ONLY IF you work with them to get those results!

If you are going to hire an agency, whether it’s for SEO, digital marketing, content creation, or any of the thousand types of agencies…

Promise me one thing: 

You’ll take responsibility for getting what you need out of them.

I’ve seen great agencies deliver incredible results for one business owner… followed by poor results for another.

The agency didn’t change. So what did? The client. (That’s you!)

Just like any of your employees, you need to manage your relationship with an agency.

After seeing a few businesses getting crippled by this recently, I decided it was time to shoot a new video on how to maximize output from working with an agency.

Exclusive Download: Agency Amplifier™ – How To Manage An Agency Without Wasting Your Money & Make Sure They Deliver Results Every Week

Just by following these 5 points, you’ll pay an agency the same but get 300% better results:

  • The Goods 
  • Baseline Metrics
  • Meeting Rhythm (it makes a huge impact)
  • Resource Project
  • D.R.I. (learned by Steve Jobs)

Once you get a good system for working with agencies, you can hire them whenever you need them and drop them when you don’t.

It’ll make it easy to try new business strategies or pivot your brand quickly.

No fussing around with interviewing each employee.

Agencies are one of the keys to quick, flexible growth with your SaaS.

But you cannot expect to drop a bucket load of money into their account, disappear for a few months, and then see a massive boost in your business growth. It just won’t happen.

Hope this video helps you next time you work with an agency. Got any agency horror stories to share? Let me know in the comments on the video here.


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