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What is Churn? Customer & Revenue Churn Explained for your SaaS Business

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It’s the thorn in every SaaS founder’s side…

The number that keeps you awake at night:

Your churn rate.

Churn equates to invisible dollars that slip through your fingers. The lower that number, the more successful and exponential your capacity to grow.

But how exactly do you measure churn?

There isn’t just one number.

There are multiple different measures of churn you should know.

Today I’m going in-depth into the different types of churn, and strategies to monitor, control and minimize that deadly number.

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In this video, I’m going to simplify and explain churn in a way that you can apply. You’re going to learn:

  • How to measure churn
  • Logo churn vs revenue churn
  • What is net negative churn
  • SaaS industry churn % standards
  • How to know if your churn is good or bad
  • Churn prediction methods
  • The 20-60-20 rule for developing anti-churn software

If you’re a seasoned SaaS pro, churn might look like a beginner’s topic. 

It’s not.

Sure, it’s one of the first numbers a SaaS founder should measure, but it pays to remain obsessed about that number.

If you can make any changes to your churn rate, your company will grow. 

It’s that simple.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments on the video.


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