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5 Tricks To Fall Asleep When Your Mind is Racing About Work

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Today I’m gonna talk about this super advanced technology that any founder can use to boost their energy, be more productive, and crush their workday.

It’s not a state of the art nootropic.

It’s not bulletproof coffee with heaping scoops of grass fed ghee.

It’s your sleep.

I see you eye rolling through that sleep mask 😉

But here’s why we’re gonna upgrade your sleep quality in this week’s video.

If it’s taking you until 2am to fall asleep, chances are…

… you’re sleeping through your morning routine  

… you’re canceling plans with your team, your friends, and potential clients or partners

… you’re operating at a fraction of your fullest potential as a leader and creator.

Not exactly the hallmarks of a high-performing SaaS founder.

And definitely not a fast track to scaling your company.

That’s why I created this special episode to help you dial in your sleep quality so you can wake up refreshed, focused, and ready to crush your daily goals.

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At a high level, these are the 5 steps I use to go from a midnight bout with an ADHD mind… to a deep state of rest and recovery that sets me up for an action-packed day of growth and impact:

  1. Prep it
  2. Dump it
  3. Breathe
  4. No phones or TV
  5. Read

Some of these may seem obvious… but pay special attention to how I re-contextualize them for SaaS founders (we’re a special breed) 😉

If you want the “quick fix”, check out the special breathing technique that “Guru Dan” prescribes in Step #3.

It knocks me out in 60 seconds flat… and is the sole reason those “sheep” I used to count are currently out of work.

Learn it and try it tonight and then let me know the results in the comments.


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