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Recruiting Channel Partners? Here Are 5 Secrets to Help You Succeed

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Leadpages used *this* strategy to scale their growth at a ridiculous rate.

So did my company Flowtown.

As well as a recent SaaS Academy client who hired an army of over two thousand “salesmen” to promote his accounting software… for free.

If you haven’t caught on…

We’re talking about strategic partnerships.

Partnerships are one of the fastest and most efficient ways of scaling your software business.

It’s essentially outsourcing your customer acquisition… and only paying a pre-negotiated  commission if the user converts.

Predictable acquisition costs?

You’re not gonna get that from google or Zucks 😉

Thing is… there is a darkside.

The wrong partner can flood your company with thousands of unqualified leads, inundating your entire team and straight jacketing your ability to grow.

Worse… if you’re not hedging your bets, you’re pretty much putting a silver bullet in the barrel of another company that can take your SaaS biz to the back of the barn at a moment’s notice.

In this week’s video I break down the 5 steps for recruiting an army of “salesman” to promote your product… without letting your company fall victim to “silver bullet syndrome”.

Exclusive Download: Partner Pipeline Framework™ – Includes Email Scripts and Tracking Grid To Make Things Simple

At a high level, here’s what it takes to create profitable strategic partnership that fuel your growth without burning out your customer success team with thousands of sh*tty customers:

  1. Find shared customers
  2. Profile partners for growth
  3. Create a hit list
  4. Connect to fit
  5. Invest in the channel

If you like the idea of ethically hitching a ride on someone else’s growth curve… the deep dive on step #2 will blow your mind.

But like any strategy, if you’re gonna commit to building partnerships… you gotta REALLY commit.

It takes a level of detail and foresight that most founders avoid.

Watch this video to implement this strategy like a pro.


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