5 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

I grew up an introvert. Hunched over behind a computer in the late 90s, writing lines of code, hoping I never had to talk to anybody. If you would have told me that one-day people would pay me $10,000+ to give a keynote presentation to an audience of hundreds… I would have laughed my ass off and called you an offensive word. ...Then I would have vomited.  Right on the floor. Public speaking TERRIFIED the absolute %^&* out of me!

“Why are you here? … What are you doing in this place?” – Keynote @ Portage Atlantic

"Why are you here? … What are you doing here?" Those are the 2 questions Brian asked me. … Brian. Brian was one of the guards in the Saint John Regional Correctional Facility where I was doing an eleven-month sentence for the severity of my crimes. I was 16… And Brian was the guard who got me out of the room where I spent 3 days in solitary confinement (aka The Hole), because of a fight.

Everything In My Power

When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with ADHD, and for most of my childhood I felt broken. Taking Ritalin everyday to help me “be normal” left me with a super low self-esteem and many bouts with depression, that almost ended in me taking my life in a drug crazed high speed chase. Three things saved my life...

How To Create An Authority Engine (Personal Brand)

Do you consider yourself to be an expert in your field? So many founders that I meet aren’t shy to make that claim. And like them, perhaps you’ve also paid your dues, put in the time, and built something awesome. But unless the market actually PERCEIVES you as an authority on that topic, all that hard-earned domain expertise isn’t providing you leverage. That’s just the truth. Cause here’s the thing...

How To Raise Venture Capital For Your Startup

In last weeks video I shared a story of a friend who had a hard time raising his round of funding... that prompted a bunch of replies and questions on my framework. Exclusive Training: Download an in-depth training webinar that goes over my complete step-by-step fundraising process. So this week I shot a quick video on the 5 strategies to help you raise your round quickly. Research Investors for Fit Pre-Marketing Hustle Your Product is Your Pitch Deck Running The Process Sprinting Across

Role-Playing Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

Role-playing  is such a funny idea when you think of it in the context of business – who would of thought “acting out” a situation would make sense in your startup? Quick story... I was talking to a friend about an important meeting he has coming up and suggested to him that he role play with a co-worker; practice what he’s going to say, what he hopes the outcome will be and envision the actual path of the conversation.

How to Create a Great Presentation in Just 15 Minutes

Did you know that the highest paid profession in America is professional speaking? Speakers can earn between $5,000 and $10,000 for a 20 minute keynote presentation. It's the reason why great entrepreneurs know how to get up and share their message.  They indirectly get "paid" by moving employees, partners and communities to engage with their business in a way that goes far beyond the financial upside. Some of the best, like Mark Zuckerberg (Founder/CEO of Facebook), go even further and learn