5 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

5 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

I grew up an introvert.

Hunched over behind a computer in the late 90s, writing lines of code, hoping I never had to talk to anybody.

If you would have told me that one-day people would pay me $10,000+ to give a keynote presentation to an audience of hundreds

I would have laughed my ass off and called you an offensive word.

…Then I would have vomited. 

Right on the floor.

Public speaking TERRIFIED the absolute %^&* out of me!

The thought of speaking to an audience made my stomach churn to the point of making me sick.

But with time, I learned the value of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

That it was possible to overcome fear.

And that out of the ashes of my terror, I could find confidence.

So going back 10+ years, I began to challenge myself to face my fear and learn public speaking. It’s been a long, difficult journey, but damn it’s been rewarding.

From a fumbling, nervous wreck to a confident speaker, I now want to share with you the greatest lessons I’ve learnt.

Here are 5 tips for beginners to improve public speaking… FAST!

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“Oh he’s a natural”, they say.

Nope. I did my reps at the microphone, worked that public speaking muscle and practiced.

Now I consider public speaking my art form.

It’s my side business, a hobby that pays for me to fly around the world, meet amazing people and bring home a 5-digit paycheck.

If you’re a beginner… if you’re afraid of public speaking like I was…

Then I hope this video shows you that you can learn to speak confidently, to be entertaining and to provide massive value in a 1-to-many format.

Hopefully, you’ll find it as rewarding as I have.

Drop me a comment on the video if you found it helpful, I love hearing from you.


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