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Startup Funding Rounds: How It Really Works

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Let me demystify this complex, confusing strategy they call:

Startup Funding Rounds.

Yeah, you’ve heard the words thrown around before.

“We’re raising our series B”, and “I’m looking for a pre-seed angel investor or “We’re gearing up for an IPO”…

They may as well be talking another language, right?

Except that somewhere between those phrases, letters and acronyms is a reliable, rock-solid funding strategy that is PROVEN to work again and again.

It has turned founders into billionaires…

Put CEOs on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine…

And transformed back-of-napkin ideas into living breathing companies.

So let’s cut to the bone and spell out the sequential funding rounds in PLAIN ENGLISH.


  • What each funding round means
  • How much money you can expect from each round
  • Who provides that money
  • How to tell which round a business needs next
  • Who leads a company through each round
  • Why the rounds even exist in the first place!

Exclusive Download: Fundraising Like a Pro – Learn the 3 phases of fundraising and a 7 week process for starting & closing your next round of funding

If there’s a part of you that feels intimidated because you don’t yet understand all the “CEO talk” (yes, I’m using air quotes here), then don’t worry.

I didn’t either. 

Now I could write a dictionary on “corporate jargon” 3-houses-thick and I would never even recommend anyone reads it.

But in those early days, I was beating down doors to find someone – anyone – that could spell out the basics when I was trying to start my first business.

By the end of this video, startup funding rounds will finally make sense. 

Drop me a comment if you’re still not sure about anything.

I’d love to hear from you.



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