It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! How (And Why) To Find a Business Coach Who’s Actually Legit

Today, the tables have turned and the microphone is being flipped. Instead of interviewing a SaaS founder… …a SaaS founder is interviewing me! I’m pleased to share with you a special interview hosted by Liam Martin, co-founder of Time Doctor and co-organizer of Running Remote.  Liam is a successful entrepreneur that helps remote businesses manage their teams efficiently. A service that couldn't come at a better time with remote work taking precedence in today's world of economic uncertainty. He’s also

The 5 Best Business Opportunities For Newbie Entrepreneurs To Start in 2020

Today, I’m going to give you the 5 most profitable business ideas that you can start in 2020. Yes, THIS YEAR. Profitable meaning:  Low risk High reward Great return on investment Quick to take to market Capable of growing and scaling Not all business ideas are equal. An idea is only valuable if it’s actionable and profitable.  These ideas I’m about to show you? They’re the good ones.

The 5 Steps I Used To Teach Myself To Code And Sell Something At 17 Years Old

The first thing I ever built that I charged for was an MP3 burning app. I had just learned Visual Basic in one of my elective programming classes in highschool, and I wanted to see what I could create. The problem I wanted to solve was simple... As one of the few people at the time with a CD burner, I would always have my friends come over to my house and spend hours going through all of the MP3’s

6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn To Build a Million Dollar Company

I can still remember the moment I became a millionaire. It took 10 years of failing, getting back up, testing, iterating till finally at 27 years old it happened. I can still remember the specific moment when I found out. I was cruising in my broke down, decade old Jetta when my accountant Marc called me to break the news. He was more excited for me than I was only because he knew how hard I had been working. Also,

8 Ways To Make Money (for Teenagers)

Did you know that at age 13, John D Rockefeller - the richest man in the world - built his family a house?!!! As a teenager I was definitely not a productive member of society. Quite the opposite actually. That being said, I continue to believe that we all underestimate what kids can accomplish at every age. If you have teenagers in your life, this video is for them. Over the past few months I’ve received dozens of emails and