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Never Miss An Opportunity Again: The Key To Faster, Better Business Decisions

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Many founders are glued to their seats with their hands tied behind their backs…


Unable to make critical decisions out of fear that “things might go wrong”.

And if you’ve ever experienced this paralysis analysis, watch out.

It’s how you may miss life-changing opportunities.

Like when Blockbuster missed buying Netflix for $50M.

Or when Yahoo passed on the opportunity to buy Google and Facebook.

The opportunity was there, but they wasted it.

They weren’t able to make the right decision when it mattered most.

And they have to live with that regret. EVERY DAY.

So, today I want to share with you my thought process for making faster, better decisions in business. 

Check it out.

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Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  1. The Jeff Bezos Way To Make Decisions
  2. How To Dial In Your “FEAR Factor”
  3. ‘Upside vs Downside’ Decision Making
  4. The #1 Reason You Need To ‘Pass It On’
  5. 2 Questions To End Decision Anxiety

When I look at the founders and CEOs I’ve coached that are growing the fastest… 

Their superpower is making FAST decisions. And making good decisions.

If you struggle with analysis paralysis then you need to watch this week’s video.

Once you get this, you won’t have to worry or ever see decision-making the same way again.

Indecision stops now.

Let me know your top takeaways in the comments.


Dan “opening doors” Martell


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