Grow Your Business Using The Growth Guide Principles

Grow Your Business Using The Growth Guide Principles

Scared of growing your business?

Totally cool with business as usual?

Don’t want to get “too rich?”…

… well let me tell you a couple of stories.

One day I was talking to my buddy Matt and he was like,

Hey man, I love all the stuff you’re sharing, but is it okay if I just keep my business the same size? Do I really need to want to grow?

My answer:

“If you’re not focused on growth, you’re slowly dying.”

It’s true.

What Matt was really saying to me was:

  1. I don’t want to get outside my comfort zone.
  2. I don’t want to rock the boat.
  3. I don’t want to build anything too big and risk losing it all.
  4. I’m scared.

Will he admit to that? Probably not..

But that doesn’t make it any less true.

It also doesn’t make it any less absurd.

For in consciously choosing to reject growth, you’re unconsciously choosing to invite failure.

Which is far riskier if you ask me 😉

Many times I get the “I don’t want to grow too big / fast!” comment.

That one really made me laugh.

One time I was working out with my best friend, Marty, and he said “hey man, I want to hit the weights but I don’t want to get too big.”

Which made me fall to the ground laughing!

I kindly reminded him that IF he noticed he was getting “too big” (buff) that he could slow down on the weights at any point 😛

Business is no different.

A growth mindset is part of the table stakes of being in the game.

And that’s why I’ve seen time and time again that it’s far easier to grow your company 10X than it is to simply double it.

10X means being all in on growth

2X means “let me hit the accelerator and the brakes at the same time and hope something good (but nothing too life-changingly good) happens.

So how do you develop a 10X mindset?

And more importantly, how do you activate it within your business?

In this week’s video, I cover the 5 key areas of your business that immediately shift the moment you go “all-in” on growth.

As a quick recap, here are the critical business functions that I learned from Dan Sullivan (incredible business coach) that instantly change once you adopt a bias towards growth:

  • Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Action

Everything shifts once you decide to wake up and create something bigger than yourself.

It’s how you actively meet the world halfway and get it to realign to help you.

If you have a dream to build something big and special, post a comment here with your vision.

Never forget…

… there’s no magic in small dreams.


  • Dwight Fortune

    The workout example with your friend reminded me about results. When I workout hard in the gym, I expect good results over time. When I go through the motions in the gym, I slow down the negative effects of not working out but I still move a little backwards. Either way, I’m tired at the end of the work out. So, I might as well get my money’s worth! Same goes for my business. I’m still going to be tired at the end of the day. So, I might as well go after big goals.

    • Dan Martell

      Dwight, you nailed it.

      Today is going to happen regardless / you might as well push yourself along the way.


  • Justin Baeder

    FANTASTIC video, Dan. I appreciate your points about settling.

    I have had a couple of clients this year that I’ve really pushed to think an order of magnitude beyond the level they were thinking—especially when it comes to effort.

    If we think X amount of effort (e.g. calling 10 leads) will result in hitting our targets, the early results are deceiving—they’re the low-hanging fruit, because we naturally call the best leads first.

    This early success then leads us to pull back, and we end up with nothing more than the low-hanging fruit we’ve already picked, and there is no more.

    10X all the way!

    • Dan Martell


      Great to hear / pumped for you!


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