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5 Lessons Learned After 100+ Videos on YouTube

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(and I’m wearing my party shirt today!)

It’s also the 100th episode of my YouTube business channel?!

Crazy, right?…

… both fell on the same day!

You think it’s a sign? You betcha!

So, today is a special video 🙂

Over the past 100 weeks I’ve published a video every Monday with insights and strategies to live a bigger life, and grow a bigger business.

Honestly, at first I was worried I’d run out of things to say…

… but then I started asking for suggestions from the community and that changed fast.

The backlog is now 100+ more videos long…

… so you can expect to hear from me for a while!

On that note, I did want to share some HUGE lessons learned from producing all these videos.

So if you want to know…

… why I started the channel (hint: it was for a special audience of 2)

… what’s the #1 lessoned I learned

… what keeps me publishing every week…

Then watch this special BIRTHDAY episode where I kick things off by answering the most frequently asked question of all time.

^^ Hint… YES, it’s real 😉

Here’s a quick overview of the biggest lessons learned:

  1. Emails are where words go to die
  2. You need to start to get good
  3. Focus on impact not subscribers
  4. Give yourself permission to fail
  5. Starting AND stopping

I probably have 100+ lessons I could’ve added to the video, but I’ll keep those for future episodes.

In the meantime, the big thing I would LOVE to hear from you is this:

What’s been the impact on YOU for being a subscriber to my newsletter?

If there was EVER a time you wanted to step forward and share a big win or insight that came from one of my 100 episodes, this would be it.

It would mean everything to me if you could take a sec to share it in the comments?

The ultimate birthday gift would be reading those below the video.

Can’t wait to read / respond to them all!



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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?