5 Lessons Learned After 100+ Videos on YouTube

5 Lessons Learned After 100+ Videos on YouTube


(and I’m wearing my party shirt today!)

It’s also the 100th episode of my YouTube business channel?!

Crazy, right?…

… both fell on the same day!

You think it’s a sign? You betcha!

So, today is a special video 🙂

Over the past 100 weeks I’ve published a video every Monday with insights and strategies to live a bigger life, and grow a bigger business.

Honestly, at first I was worried I’d run out of things to say…

… but then I started asking for suggestions from the community and that changed fast.

The backlog is now 100+ more videos long…

… so you can expect to hear from me for a while!

On that note, I did want to share some HUGE lessons learned from producing all these videos.

So if you want to know…

… why I started the channel (hint: it was for a special audience of 2)

… what’s the #1 lessoned I learned

… what keeps me publishing every week…

Then watch this special BIRTHDAY episode where I kick things off by answering the most frequently asked question of all time.

^^ Hint… YES, it’s real 😉

Here’s a quick overview of the biggest lessons learned:

  1. Emails are where words go to die
  2. You need to start to get good
  3. Focus on impact not subscribers
  4. Give yourself permission to fail
  5. Starting AND stopping

I probably have 100+ lessons I could’ve added to the video, but I’ll keep those for future episodes.

In the meantime, the big thing I would LOVE to hear from you is this:

What’s been the impact on YOU for being a subscriber to my newsletter?

If there was EVER a time you wanted to step forward and share a big win or insight that came from one of my 100 episodes, this would be it.

It would mean everything to me if you could take a sec to share it in the comments?

The ultimate birthday gift would be reading those below the video.

Can’t wait to read / respond to them all!



  • http://www.vinishgarg.com/ Vinish Garg

    Dan, wish you a happy birthday today. I wish you good health, and a rewarding year ahead.
    To answer your questions on the impact of being a subscriber of your videos, well it is a mix of few things.
    – You talk like a coach, full of energy and with real purpose of helping entrepreneurs. I can sense it.
    – You share your experience (fundraising, idea validation, customer acquisition, marketing…) that are packed with actionable insights, as if you want to create 100 more Dan Martell in your audience. That is the hallmark of a seasoned entrepreneur who is committed to pay back to the community.
    – As an entrepreneur, I am more aware now (for what I should do), more confident (self-belief because of your videos), and more relaxed now (prepared to fail and prepare better next time).

    I keep on sharing your posts, and shared it yesterday in a Medium post: https://medium.com/@vingar/santa-and-entrepreneurs-common-grounds-bcaa2d6e585c#.k2a3rv4yo. Happy Birthday, again! Enjoy!!

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Vinish, what a great comment!

      I really appreciate it.

      I do hope to create 100 others even more successful than me … not “Dan Martells” but version of themselves expressed in their biggest form.

      Appreciate the mentions in the blog posts!

      All the best for 2017.


  • http://derric.link/rebrandly Derric Haynie

    Thanks for the video Dan.

    I was doing a daily Facebook Live for about 17 days straight and started to realize I wasn’t getting as much traction as I would like. Yes it wasn’t a ton of time, but I was looking at the results and seeing very low view time per person (10 seconds or less).

    But then I realized what you had said, focus on making an impact in 1 person’s mind. And I was, I occasionally got 1 or 2 people thanking me for the information. And I think that is how you start to make an impact at scale.. Just keep helping 1 or 2 people, and that will turn into 5 or 10, then 50 or 100, and so forth.

    I’m glad to see your video’s are making an impact, and I’m sure your kids will watch this one day (you will probably assign it to them as homework, let’s be honest)… You will essentially be short-cutting them to success as it will help them avoid some of the mistakes they would usually have to make on their own to learn.

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Derric, it’s always about 1-to-1 … what’s great about video is it gives you leverage, but that’s never the reason.

      Think about the legacy you’re creating .. your digital fingerprint with every video.

      Keep it up.


      (and yes I’ll be assigning my videos as homework 🙂

  • Satyaveer Paul

    Hey Dan,

    I cannot forget the first video I saw of yours i.e. How to accelerate your Startup which changed my life completely as ever since I started following your videos.

    Having said that – Happy Birthday Dan…And thanks a ton to your team to support you and help us grow with your learning which makes our business strategy/decision easy, giving us more clarity and acting as a catalyst in our learning curve.
    Congratulation once again from our entire Team Woobly and keep rocking the way you do it, i.e., transferring energy along with insight.

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Satyaveer, thanks man!

      Love hearing how my videos have helped … appreciate you sharing.

      Definitely lucky to have a great team.

      2017 is going to be a fun year.

      Much appreciation.


  • Val Tsanev

    Hey Dan

    Happy Birthday! Wish you health and happiness. You are a great person and have inspired me and thousands of entrepreneurs out there. Once all is said and done and judgment day comes, and inevitably it will, no one will care how many companies we sold or how many millions we made, the only thing that will matter is how many people we impacted positively and how much we evolves personally, you have done on both these metrics very well! Keep on pushing!

    Privilege to know you!

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell



      Appreciate that.

      Keep pushing forward.


  • http://www.growatthewell.com/ Julie Gordon White, B-Coach

    Happy Belated Birthday Dan! I am a loyal follower and appreciate every minute of your wisdom! Please keep the goodness coming and let me know if I can do anything to help you here in the SF Bay Area! Happy 2017! Julie

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Julie, you’re the best!

      Thanks for the bday wishes.

      I’ll keep publishing … still have a lot to share 🙂


  • Mike Ives

    Thanks for the great advice. Just watched this for the second time but with the captioning on it this time and realized … the swearing in the outtakes is even funnier when you can see it coming.

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell


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