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5 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Entrepreneurial Life

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Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

I know that’s a big question … but hear me out.

Last week I shared a killer strategy for overcoming MAJOR challenges in your business.

Today I want to dig deeper and share some important areas that I think could serve you even further.

A few weeks ago I had an entrepreneur I coach go through some major challenges because she had to fire a key employee.

It weighed down on her for weeks as she planned the transition.

No matter how many times we walked through the process, she continued to lose sleep over the fact that in a few days she’d have to let this person go.

What would they say? Would they get angry? Blame her leadership? Etc.

It was taxing …

… but one day she said something that I had to correct.

She said “I can’t wait till this is all over and we get through this…”

To which I challenged her with “Instead of wishing that it was easy, instead maybe you should wish that you could become the person who could easily deal with these kind of situations?”


It stopped her cold.

Now, I wasn’t looking to kick her when she was down…

… but what I wanted to do was re-frame the situation because I believe the quality of her life was largely due to the amount of uncertainty she was able to deal with.

That’s what I drill into in this week’s video.

Just to be clear… this isn’t only for entrepreneurs. This is for everyone.

The 5 areas I discuss will impact all aspects of your life.

1) Your ability to deal with uncertainty

2) The quality of your relationships

3) The quality of the questions you ask

4) The quality of your thoughts

5) Your ability to communicate

Each one of these are areas that if you focus on them, they will improve the quality of your journey.


Now it’s your turn…

… what have you done to improve your approach to challenges?

Leave a comment with your strategy and thoughts and let me know what specific situation caused you to go deep and overcome a challenge that allowed you to grow as a person.

That’s the message of this week’s video.

Become the person who can deal!


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