The Founders Operating System: How To Hack Your Mindset

The Founders Operating System: How To Hack Your Mindset

A few weeks ago I invited an entrepreneur over to my house to talk about his fundraising process.

He was trying to raise a ~6M dollar series A financing.

Before he kicked it off I shared with him my Fundraising Like a Pro framework so that he would understand the steps required to make the process as painless as possible… but it wasn’t working.

After a few minutes of talking I figured it out…

… it was him.

There was no confidence, certainty or excitement.

No investor would invest in him.

That’s when I explained to him the concept of The Founders Operating System (yes, I’m a computer geek)

It’s a simple concept you need to understand if you want to progress in your company.

That what I want to share in this week’s video:

It doesn’t matter if you know how to do something, it requires the right mindset to execute on top of, to get the results.

The “how to” part of something is the “application”…

… but the application runs on the “operating system” (a.k.a. Your mindset).

It’s like when I’m advising a entrepreneur to do sales calls to close partnerships.

On the call they go through the steps or process, but they bomb because their cadence, or language they use lacks that enthusiasm.

Know what I mean?

It’s a simple but HUGE idea and one that helps guide me everyday.

I would love to hear your approach to improve your “operating system”?

Leave a comment below with your best shit! I want the good stuff… what do you do to improve how your “application” run?

So before you go and add a new “Application” to your repertoire (ex: FB Marketing, Lean Startup, or doing a Startup) invest some time in your mindset – your operating system – so that it can actually run bug free :).

Insanely grateful,

– Dan

  • Mariah Lichtenstern

    Wax on, wax off… 😉 Now awaiting your book.

    • Dan Martell

      Mariah, too funny 🙂

      … book? hmmmm… might just stick to YouTube & Periscope 😛


  • Shams Juma

    Great topic, Dan. For me, it all starts from within. If one’s operating system is sound, then building a foundation becomes easier.

    My models are Mark Cuban, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Prince Kareem Aga Khan and of course, Dan Martell.

    CEO & Founder –

    • Dan Martell

      Shams, great models! 🙂

      Great to have you.


      • Shams Juma

        Dan, the pleasure is really mine. Thank you for always inspiring and challenging us to live a better and fuller life

  • Russ Graves

    One of the best videos I’ve watched from you so far. I really liked the part about reading blogs as information fast-food, and reading great books as information quality-food. Reading biographies and modeling go hand in hand. Great stuff.

    PS. Please crank up the sound level on the recordings. It’s too quiet. Thanks.

    • Dan Martell

      Russ, thanks for the kind words.

      Still trying to figure out the video editing … I do them myself 🙂

      Maybe it’s time to bring in an editor.

      Appreciate the feedback.


  • Win Nguyen

    Dan — first time commenting on your site BUT your periscope videos have been driving me insane because I keep having to plug my phone to my Mac to record “the riffs”!

    Hands down, the “best shit” to upgrade, update and revolutionize my mindset has been doing experiential work. Meaning going through exercises and putting myself into situations where I get to see, without a shadow of a doubt, how I actually operate in my life and how it has been holding me back. From there, transformation happens.

    The result: I went from sheepishly unable to pick up the phone to have a sales conversation to scheduling sales calls with McLaren dealerships — and I don’t even know anything about supercars…

    This “upgrade” happened because I finally saw the real reason I couldn’t pick up the phone or why I had the knowledge of a millionaire but not the confidence to act upon what I know — much like how your friend was given a million-dollar fundraising blueprint yet it’s not happening.

    • Dan Martell



      I love first time commenters.

      Great to have you… glad you’ve been enjoying the Scopes, they’ve been fun – especially since they take ZERO effort and allow me to create value for a lot of people at once.

      Love that you overcame your fear and started making calls… when I have to do cold calls, I always consider the first 3 throw aways… meaning I don’t care about the outcome, cause I’m just using them to get warmed up and going.

      Great to have you part of the community.


  • SocialQuant

    2 hours of reading a day, that’s powerful.

    Highly recommend The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

    The book is awesome and talks about how your conscious mind is always talking to your Subconscious and your Subconscious creates your realities in life. The book gives you exercises to help you talk to your Sub in a powerful/constructive way.

    Truly think Mindset is super powerful.

    • Dan Martell


      Yep, about that … all depends on my schedule but I rather read then do most anything else – always inspires my creativity and help accelerate my learning.

      Just bought The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, thx.


      • SocialQuant

        Love to hear your opinion when done reading it.

        Truly one of my favorites that doesn’t get mentioned enough. Great discussions today on GrowthHacker. Loved reading all the comments/questions.

  • James Joseph Finn

    Dan, this analogy may be geeky, but it sure is profound. I love it

    • Dan Martell

      James, appreciate that … I know my audience 🙂


  • Wissam Abirached

    Great advice, Dan. Thanks for sharing! I need to start scheduling some reading time so I can get some more quality-food going.

    First time commenting here but I’ve been reading and following your blog for a little while and I appreciate the great value you provide, especially on Periscope! Keep the scopes coming 🙂

    • Dan Martell


      Thanks for the comment … always appreciated.

      The other trick for reading is being ok to jump around… both between books, and within a book.

      If I’m reading a book and the chapter sucks, I’ll skip it.. go to the next or check the table of contents for something that I might want to learn more.

      As long as your reading books… doesn’t matter the order imho.


      • Wissam Abirached

        You’re right, that makes so much sense!

  • mnml

    By far, my favorite post/video to date! Great one Dan!

  • Detrick

    I improve my operating system by working out… Its nothing like a seriously hard physical work out or run to get me going. I think once the pain of the workout sets in, your body and mind respond to manage the pain. That response carries over into what I’m doing afterwards… like reaching out to potential investors or making sales calls. Works for me…

    • Dan Martell

      Detrick, moving the body is a great way to improve our mind.


  • Valerie

    Dan, first comment — feeling excited after watching a few of the videos. I would say that “rebooting” the system every so often is the one area that might be helpful to add. Whether it’s working out or meditating to take your mind off running the typical “operating system,” taking vacations or breaks, or sleep… all important to make sure the “components” running the system continue to perform optimally.

    You know, just to take the geeky analogy way too far 😉

    • Dan Martell

      Valerie, thanks for the comment!!!!

      Love taking geeky analogies way to far so really appreciate your thoughts… big fan of rebooting as well.

      Keep them coming!


  • Venkat Dinavahi

    Hi Dan, thanks for the great video.

    Some things I want to add that have helped me with my OS
    – I reflect and reason about principles I just learned. For example: I would think to myself “Wait, how does reading books help my operating system? Are there other things I could do that weren’t mentioned that I could ALSO do?”

    – Whenever I read a book / read an article that resonates, I write down action steps in my planner.
    TODO: Write down the names of 3 role models.

    – I keep a written list ~20 rules & principles.
    Always get to the root of a problem by asking “why?”
    Be present when talking to someone

    • Dan Martell

      Venkat, great suggestions!


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