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The Founders Operating System: How To Hack Your Mindset

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A few weeks ago I invited an entrepreneur over to my house to talk about his fundraising process.

He was trying to raise a ~6M dollar series A financing.

Before he kicked it off I shared with him my Fundraising Like a Pro framework so that he would understand the steps required to make the process as painless as possible… but it wasn’t working.

After a few minutes of talking I figured it out…

… it was him.

There was no confidence, certainty or excitement.

No investor would invest in him.

That’s when I explained to him the concept of The Founders Operating System (yes, I’m a computer geek)

It’s a simple concept you need to understand if you want to progress in your company.

That what I want to share in this week’s video:

It doesn’t matter if you know how to do something, it requires the right mindset to execute on top of, to get the results.

The “how to” part of something is the “application”…

… but the application runs on the “operating system” (a.k.a. Your mindset).

It’s like when I’m advising a entrepreneur to do sales calls to close partnerships.

On the call they go through the steps or process, but they bomb because their cadence, or language they use lacks that enthusiasm.

Know what I mean?

It’s a simple but HUGE idea and one that helps guide me everyday.

I would love to hear your approach to improve your “operating system”?

Leave a comment below with your best shit! I want the good stuff… what do you do to improve how your “application” run?

So before you go and add a new “Application” to your repertoire (ex: FB Marketing, Lean Startup, or doing a Startup) invest some time in your mindset – your operating system – so that it can actually run bug free :).

Insanely grateful,

– Dan

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