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The Ultimate Strategy To Drafting Your Business Growth

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The best aspect of sharing everything you know is that others will share back.

A few months ago I was in NYC shooting a Facebook Live video on how to draft on other people’s success.

Simple concept: high tides rise all boats.

Afterwards I check my email, and Mike from London emails me recommending a book.

Rising Star by Rich Koch.

I hadn’t read it, but knew the name … he wrote The 80/20 Principle which I had read 10 years prior.

So I bought the book on my kindle, and realized we share some of the same strategies for picking investments and markets to build companies in…

But for as good as it was, I realized it had a few key things missing.

Small things that could make a MASSIVE difference.

(kinda ironic when you consider it’s the same guy who wrote 80/20)

That’s why I shot this video to give you a more complete picture on how you can draft on other people’s growth in a market to succeed in your startup.

The different strategies to do this right follow one of the following:

1. Rising Star (Product Hook)
2. Starving Crowd
3. Fish Where The Fish Are

I go into each one in the video but they all really come down to a simple question…

… which customer in what market do you want to serve?

This is something you can start with, or pivot your way into at any stage of a business.

Doing so can mean the difference between 20% vs. 200% yearly growth for the same amount of energy in your business.

It reminds me of something I challenge people all the time with…

… they think they need more money to grow… and I say you don’t, you just need a better strategy!

Do you have a clever growth strategy or ethical way of leveraging other people’s success?

Leave a comment and share it with the community.

Here’s to supporting your rising star!


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