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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 40 – Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue

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If you want consistent, predictable revenue for your SaaS then there’s one thing you’re going to need to build:

A killer sales team.

Don’t roll your eyes yet… Let me set the record straight.

In 2008, when I moved to silicon valley, sales teams were considered evil.

Tech companies pursued the unicorn: A product that would “sell itself”. (Yes, I’m using sarcastic air quotes).

The likes of Facebook and Instagram fed false hope that you could build a platform with non-existent revenue, burn through rounds of funding and monetize it later for billions.

The idea of hiring people to sell for you (aka: a sales team) wasn’t cool.

Times have changed.

People have woken up from the myth and discovered – surprise, surprise – that you have to work damn hard to make a buck!

Today I want you to meet Aaron Ross, co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, author of the book by the same title, and co-author of ‘From Impossible to Inevitable’.

Aaron trains sales teams and tech companies on outbound prospecting.

He knows the inner workings of a high-performing sales team, and he knows that they ARE necessary. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t cut it.

I gave him the microphone on the latest episode of the Escape Velocity podcast and asked him to dispel sales myths and talk through every stage of building a sales team that grows with your SaaS.

Whether you love the idea of a sales team or you still feel like it’s evil, this is a great episode where you will learn:

  • Why even introverted founders MUST work sales
  • Why good sales teams don’t just sell
  • How to minimize translation in a sales message
  • How to handle lead nurturing
  • Working teams for a common goal
  • How buyers need help from sales teams
  • Working up from phase zero (non-existent sales teams)
  • The scary side of success

The dream of a unicorn tech company still exists today.

But as a SaaS coach, it’s my job to help founders grow their business and increase zeroes on their balance sheet.

Which means I help you through the hard truth:

You need to sell.

Tune in the episode here and let Aaron Ross, a master of sales strategy, convince you why it’s what you need to do.



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