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The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Ramp-up Time for New Sales Reps

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At 17 years old, I learned to code. It was the skill that helped me out of a pretty dark place, and I actually got pretty good at it. 

But after 10 years of writing code for my own companies, I had to confront a difficult truth: 

I was the bottleneck in my own company.

I realised that writing code wasn’t enough. I had to be a leader. I had to learn how to hire, train, retain and manage different teams.

Including sales people.

Over the years, I’ve had to hire and work with lots of sales teams for myself and for other companies that I’ve helped including Udemy, ClickFunnels, Proposify and Carrot.

These were companies that grew fast.

It became 100% necessary to ramp up new sales people as quickly as possible so they could be closing deals ASAP.

In a B2B business, your sales teams are THE people who turn your product into revenue. They are the voice of your business and convince new customers to sign up.

So if you could create an environment that onboards new hires and gets them closing deals sooner… You’ll directly affect your bottom line.

After years of experience and consulting in this field, I’ve made a video with the exact strategies I use with my coaching clients to get new sales people selling more and selling sooner.

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Even if you have a sales team you can trust, I recommend you hear these 4 strategies:

  1. Filter ← the questions you need to ask first
  2. Training
  3. Measure (Got your benchmarks?)
  4. Coaching

I can now get a new sales rep up to 80% of a sales quota within 60 days of hiring… or less.

I’ve even seen 60% win rates on sales calls executed by brand new sales teams.

That’s the value of a good system.

It means I can safely know that my entire team could fall apart and I could have a new team converting customers less than 2 months later.

Don’t be the bottleneck in your business.

Become the leader you need to be and your business will grow.

Got any questions? Would love it if you left me a comment on the video here.


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