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5 Steps to Having Your Newest Sales Rep Closing Deals Better & Faster

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In my career, I’ve hired dozens of salespeople… and I made some big mistakes when I did.

Expensive mistakes.

In my 20s I hired a guy and paid him $80k salary and all he did was talk about how he was going to close big deals… without ever doing it!

For a whole year, this guy promised me the world and delivered absolutely zero value. And I actually paid him for it!

Compare that to now: Last week I hired a salesperson on Wednesday who closed a deal by Friday, and another by Monday. 2 within ONE WEEK after hiring him.

I’ve gotten way better at picking the right people for my team.

There are gifted salespeople out there. People who fight for your product, really connect with potential customers and ultimately help you win happy clients. They make it sooooo easy.

But first, you’ve gotta find them.

And as I always teach: that means you need a system. A plan that helps you reliably find talented salespeople that deliver results… fast! No more wasting money.

Here’s how I do it. This is my system to make sure I’m separating the trees from the weeds,  all distilled into 5 steps. Check out this week’s video.

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I won’t hire a salesperson without ticking off these 5 points. This is my checklist:

  1. Profile
  2. Top Of The Funnel
  3. Video
  4. Test Project
  5. Sales Playbook

A great sales team will skyrocket your business. They become your front line. 

You might hate pursuing sales, but for the right person… they live for it! They get a rush out of achieving their (and your) goals.

I’ve worked with plenty of entrepreneurs who try to sell from behind their keyboard. Sure – with the right marketing, automation and brand strategy, it works. But nothing beats the direct feedback from a sales call or a face-to-face meeting.

I’ve had my sales team come to me with all kinds of discoveries about our potential customers, their fears, their goals, and the barriers they’re struggling to breakthrough… just because they spoke directly to them. 

That feedback drives the strategy and product roadmap for the company.

You don’t get that from sitting behind a keyboard.

And… you also don’t get that from lousy salespeople either.

Make sure you hire the right people. Check out this week’s video and you’ll already be better off than I was in my 20s, making $80k mistakes!

I’d love to hear about your experience with a sales team too, so drop me a comment and let’s share war stories.


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