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The Kano Analysis: Customer Needs Are Ever Changing

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Have you ever heard of the Kano Model?

I hadn’t either… until my buddy Merv told me about it.

Here’s a diagram that gives you a visual:

If you think that looks complicated, you’re not alone.

It took a bit of marinating for my brain to fully “get” how much value this model has to offer.

But let me tell you…

It was SO worth it.

What I learned was simple… there are really only three ways to deliver value to your customers based on their needs…

… and from those there are only two ways to improve it.

If you do those right, you get GROWTH!

Simple? It can be.

That’s what I go over in this video to help you build a simple model of how to deliver on what your customers want most.

Here’s my simplified explanation:

  1. You need to focus on your customer’s needs… they come in 3 ways.
  2. They’re either Expected, Expressed or it Excites them.
  3. Those drive you to either a) Improve, or b) Innovate your service.

If you follow that process and categorize your strategies and filter through that model, you’ll experience growth.

Business at its core is stating and delivering on a promise you make to your customers.

Understanding what promise to make is where the Kano Model comes into play.

Leave me a comment on which NEED you think you need to spend more time on.

Can’t wait to read your answers!


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